RG 1/144 MSN-04 Sazabi Review


Definitely my pick for the Gunpla of the year, for me.


After a taking an extra week to finish this, now I can really say with no doubt what so ever in my mind that the RG Sazabi is one kit that is BY FAR the best RG kit or better yet, the best Gunpla kit that I have ever built this year, and today my dear wonderful readers I will be talking about in detail on why I rated the kit as such.

Oh, yes, before I Forget, since we have covered the Sazabi’s history on the MG Ver.K.A review I feel like I don’t need to cover the history section again and if you are interested to read or learn more you can go here and read all about it here (and as well see my thoughts of the MG Ver.K.A too!).

Oh just before we start, there is another thing I wanted to address to all of you here do want to apologize for the lateness of this particular review, due to both my old workhorse laptop and the ye’ old trusty smartphone of my breaking down. I have no choice then to have to push the release of this review on Tuesday. I apologize for the lack of updates on Sunday due to this matter.

Shit is just not going too well for me this week.

I thank you to those that have been waiting for the Sunday content and review and hopefully may there will not be issues like this in the future. Anyways, without further ado let us get into the review, shall we?

Come to think of it, I feel like I’ve built and reviewed a lot of Gunplas and many different kinds of plamos this year. Unlike back when I just started meddling with Plamos and gunplas heck even before I started working on the blog even, I feel like this year I really tried building kits that I normally wouldn’t or embarrassed to try out. It really has been quite an experience for me to be finding/discovering out all these wonderful kits this year, not to mention that during this period I still managed to learn many new things along the process.

As well there were times where I was blown away by how good some these kits are or blown away by how some of the kits from a certain line up managed to go so far to improve the old tried formula to make it feel consistently relevant. However, it should be said that even though some of them are quite good but there isn’t really any kit that I’ve built this year that really embodies all of this awesomeness into one, thing.

From sexy…..
to sexier in a manner of a day

Well, that is up until I started working on the RG Sazabi, then I finally understand what all of that awesomeness really is. This is really one kit that I never imagined it to be….a quite mindblowing experience overall. Honestly, I thought back when I completed the RG Unicorn, I thought that there is no way that Bandai would be releasing something that would be better than the Unicorn. But somehow rather Bandai managed to, and that really baffles me.

Really, because there are just so many new things that they bring to the table here, that at one point I was asking myself if this is really an RG kit.

Why? You may ask? Well, for starters let us talk about the time I spent building this awesome plastic art.

The kit builds beautifully, everything fits well as intended the parts are gated well and every single part were easily separated. The nubs on the parts are surprisingly easy to deal with in due to the parts gated quite well. The kit had quite a reasonable challenge attached to it since there are some sections that I noticed during the building processes in which I needed to approach the situation with more caution. But unlike my previous experiences with the RG line up, it doesn’t involve dealing with minuscule parts.

The details that could be seen on the inner frame is just insanely impressive
Which increases the level of appreciation that I had when I have a section completed, as seen here
I do like the way they work on the inner frame for the waist unit here

Yes, the RG Sazabi doesn’t really have a lot of super small parts that I have to deal with here and when I do have to, dealing with them wasn’t really a pain in the ass as most other small parts from other RG kits have been for me. So you may be wondering, “So where is the challenge is then?”. Well, this is one kit that demands that you pay close attention since this kit comes with a lot of the same looking parts.

It wouldn’t be a problem to those that take on one thing  (or one section) at a time, but it would be a problem if you are the type that cut everything that you need for this section kind of dude like me. That is because usually, there is a clear separation on parts when you are building anything, but on this kit, the differences at most times only are made clear if you paid close attention to the manual.


Even though the building instructions on the manual were pretty on point at times but there is a single section of the manual that has been a cause of the confusion for most that have worked on this RG kit. The problem lies when I get to the shoulder section of the RG Sazabi. I was finding myself getting stuck there since I was a bit confused on either what I did is correct or not since the part on the left and right shoulder part looked quite similar to each other and not to mention there wasn’t really a clear instruction on what to look for while working on this section or any clear indication of you’re doing it right or not.

Even with only the lower half done, it still manages to look impressive
The one that I really have to spend quite a while to go make sure worked well

So, I wasn’t really that surprised that most of us managed to get ourselves stuck here while working on the Body unit.

Honestly, the building process for the RG Sazabi was quite fun and challenging. But unlike the previous RG kits, where the margins of error were slim and at times quite unforgiving, here you will find that the RG Sazabi is a lot more forgiving and wasn’t as frustrating to deal with. Plus, it was still managed to be challenging with the RG Sazabi without resorting to force the builder to deal with minuscule parts dropping down every half and hours.

Unlike a certain RG Exia that I worked on recently……

Now let us move on how the RG Sazabi looked and performs when completed…and before I start this, I wanted to preface it by saying, really what a beauty this is when you manage to complete it.

Really, this was one of the very best-looking RG kits that I have ever laid my eyes on and built in that manner. Really, I was amazed by how amazingly good this kit looked, heck even for the RG Standards too. The pink and red parts somehow work like a charm here, not to mention the quality of the details that are seen on the parts here. To those that really enjoy panel lining, this is really going to be a treat for ya’ll.

Would you just look at that handsome boi
Definitely the best version of the Sazabi’s backpack yet.

However, it wasn’t just how the kit looked when you have all its armor parts on, the inner frame of the RG Sazabi as well looked really impressive. There is a lot of MG like looking parts that when you take off the armor bits here you will be surprised by how insanely detailed some of the parts were.

How is this possible you may ask? Well……

With Bandai ditching on mostly relying on the RG Frame and adopting a much more MG-like approach for the RG Sazabi, kind of resulted on an RG kit that is unlike what I’ve come to experience ever. It’s like they take all the best bit from the MG Ver.K.A parts, scale it down to the 1/144 scale and then they crank it all up to 11. Which resulted on a kit that had all the parts/the gimmicks work well without it all falling apart and the very first RG kit that I have built that doesn’t have a single part that felt loose. Things are just splendid here if I were, to be honest!

Really the best-looking weapons set that I’ve seen on an RG kit
Definitely one of my fav pics out of all

Really, it’s amazing to see them taking the what the MG Ver.K.A Sazabi did right and seeing them implementing it here on a much smaller scale and somehow still manage to improve upon the formula. Really, they really manage to really improve all the things that I like on the MG Ver.K.A Sazabi on the RG version.

Seriously, as I take my sweet time analyzing this amazing kit I can’t help to feel like the design team for the RG Sazabi did an amazing job creating this beautiful work of plastic art here. I can’t imagine how hard it could’ve been for them to just get everything right here.

Not to mention they as well really manages to create a kit that really made me not wanted to stop building it and at the same time making me spend hours marveling at how awesome all of this is. Honestly, this is really one truly amazing kit and this is one of those that I really don’t mind getting again and spending my whole day on it.

The RG Sazabi does as well have one of the best articulation on any RG kit that I have ever built. I really had fun posing this one up

Overall I would say that the RG Sazabi is really one of the RG kits that I HIGHLY recommend you to get, even to those that are new to the hobby. However, to really be able to best appreciate this beautiful work of plastic art, I really recommend that you (to those haven’t had a hand at trying out the RG line up) at the very least go out and try experience building one RG kit before you start work on this. Then you would really be able to appreciate how much the RG line-up of kits have evolved for the better.

Plus to those that might not have the moolahs to get the MG Ver.K.A, this is definitely the BEST cheaper option if you are aiming to get the MG Ver.K.A version of the Sazabi. Not to mention with its war-winning looks (irony….) this is really one kit that I’m sure you and everyone around you would be able to sit down and appreciate how awesome this kit is.

With that said and done, now imma going to go off now and play with my newly build RG Sazabi and spend all my precious hours looking at this beautiful thing.

With that ends the review for the RG 1/144 MSN-04 Sazabi, a kit that is definitely the one I call the best kit of 2018 everything just works and by god, if this RG is THIS GOOD now, I can’t imagine what manner of awesomeness that awaits us all next year.

I really hope we’ll get an RG Nu-Gundam next year, and with how awesome the RG Sazabi is I wouldn’t be surprised if it was as good or better then the RG Sazabi itself

Anyways, we will be back again this week more Let’s Talk Gunpla Segment tomorrow and we will be back as well on the coming Sunday with either a review or an unboxing! So do look forward to that! 😀

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Anyways, we shall see all of you again next week, and we hope that you all have an awesome week and weekend ahead! Have an awesome Gunpla building time there as well and until next time!



2 thoughts on “RG 1/144 MSN-04 Sazabi Review

  1. Wow, awesome build! I want to get this kit, but I’m intimidated by RGs. I built one – the Mk. II – and it was fun, but… the decals. So many waterslides. I still have nightmares of them popping off and flying everywhere while I tried to apply them. But this kit looks so awesome! I have the Ver. Ka. MG in my backlog, but I want to make sure I do that justice.

    Great work as always!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANKS MAN! Oh how I missed seeing your comments here! 😀

      But honestly you should go out and try this one up, I promise you that you would have tons of fun with this awesome kit!


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