Unboxing and First Impressions of HG 1/144 Super Fumina A.E.U.G Maid Ver. (HGBF)

img_9257 b&w

Back from an unusually long hiatus

Before we get to the Unboxing of this very rare HG kit, I do want to start this post by first apologizing to those that were waiting for a post on the previous Sunday and today’s Let’s Talk Gunpla weekly episode, due to very important family matter that happened recently and at the same time wasn’t as well helped with the fact that my health wasn’t at its very best recently. The issue was that I found myself really pushing my body at its absolute limits recently and my body just decided to just force me to take proper long rest before I get back into it.

Honestly, though I really need to remember to take things easy with this fragile body of mine because I need to remember that I’m not getting any younger or healthier. I’m re-reviewing the work schedule I currently have for myself at the moment and am actively taking steps to make sure that I wouldn’t be overburdened by my own busy schedule. Hopefully, after the shuffle, I might be able to cope better in delivering content to ya’ll on time.

As well I really wanted to get back to work on to building the FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam and do the proper review of it by next week! Really, I am just really excited to start work on that awesome kit!

As well, I wanted you guys to know on how much I appreciate those that following all my daily posts in Reddit and on our social media platforms. I’m really sorry that the weekly and the daily post was just suddenly stopped with no heads up. As well I’m sorry that the let’s talk gunpla post section had to be postponed to next week since I do just recently got my bum back to the home base. Really, I didn’t have the time to review all the materials for this weeks Let’s Talk Gunpla to start the discussion with the team, nor have the time to write the whole post from the ground up.

But I assure you that we will be back with the awesome posts next week talking about all the awesome Gunpla related things again from next week onwards!

I do appreciate all of you that have been supporting the blog since its initial inception and hopefully, I and the rest of the team could be able to maintain a better posting schedule in the coming weeks, as well I do hope that my health would continue to improve in the coming days, months and years ahead as well.

May things continue to be for the better this year and again thank you, all of you awesome beautiful readers of ours for your patience.

Let us now get to the unboxing and first impressions of this particularly rare HG kit shall we?

img_9257 (1)
HG 1/144 Super Fumina A.E.U.G Maid Ver (HGBF)

Release Date: 2016/12

Estimated price: MYR RM 87.00*  (USD $ 21.16*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation

I have a confession, I have an addiction. I have an addiction of collecting and growing my Gunpla/ plamo kit backlog to an insane level. It’s strange that most of the time when I purchase a few new kits, I always have this thought of, yeah I will eventually get to em’ but ended up mothballing all of them up until it was buried under all the OTHER unbuilt kits.

I realized that is really an unhealthy addiction to have as a Gunpla builder, since it kind of takes all the space that you have in your own living space and because of that ‘imma going to get to it eventually’ mentality, pisses your other gunpla building friends seeing that huge stack of kits that you’re unwilling to let go to be built by people that would actually want to build em.

So with the start of 2019, I made a pledge to myself to try to reduce the insane backlog of mine, so I could have more space for more and continuously piss my gunpla building friends even more.

So, I decided, before I move on with a much more newer kit, why not try to take on the interesting ones that you’d find in the bunch. So after much rummaging, this week I would be doing an unboxing on one of the MOST interesting ones that I have in the collection, the HG 1/144 Super Fumina A.E.U.G Maid version, the rarest Fumina out of the bunch.

Yes, after 1 year and a half we are back reviewing a kit that is quite technically…… the same Super Fumina with a different shade of color instead. The reason for this? Well, its to see if my feelings and opinions of this kit changed after 2 years (well technically 1 year and a half) since my last Super Fumina kit and as well to see what do I think of the HG Super Fumina after having experienced the Koto’s excellent Megami Device kits.

Which strangely does make me quite excited to again unbox another HG Super Fumina variant.

And honestly speaking, why wouldn’t I be?

Why? Well, first why don’t we take a moment to just look at this awesome box art.

img_9257 (1)
Pretty sweet ain’t it?

Beautiful ain’t it? Looking at it one would notice that this is not a typical HG or a typical ‘premium’ HG box art at all, whereas you will notice that it doesn’t rely on illustrations of the Super Fumina as its front page but instead using the kit itself as the model for the box art just like what would you see in the premium kits. But at the same time, it is as colorful as you might imagine seeing on the normal HGBF kits.

Plus they were to go as far to just make an awesome background to the kit. A background that shows the A.E.U.G version being immortalized in a polaroid film (or what today’s’ kid would call intax films) showing Minato’s obsession of the best girl of the show as he immortalized her into this version so he could…. Well, let us not go there…but I know you know what I’m trying to say here.

look at that pretty thing

But seriously I have to be honest, one would really find hard to not fall in love this kit just by looking at how awesome the box art looked and it wasn’t just limited by how the front of the box looked, oh no. You as well get some awesome details that are strewn all across the side of the box, not to mention the excellent color selection on the box itself. Which does pleases the eyes of anyone that lays their eyes on this particular kit.

Things are looking quite promising so far, but it got better as I moved on to the unboxing bit…..because…well…

The parts for the HG Super Fumina A.E.U.G Maid version, though it looked mostly familiar (since it re-used a lot of the parts from the original version), somehow the minute changes that was done on the overall color scheme of the parts, do make the parts look…a lot more appealing somehow, which is quite impressive.


Well, because unlike the ones were seen on the original version the way the color looked on the A.E.U.G’s version make the kit look like am really buying something premium here and not to mention I really prefer a darker scheme over the shit yellow of the original. Plus, with the how quite well produced most of the runners of the A.E.U.G version looked it does really make me feel like my purchase of this particular kit was well justified.

this is probably one of my fav pictures
The black parts for the Fumina really look good
This section looks like the parts that just primed before I paint em up, but they still look quite nice if I may be honest. 
The details on some of the parts are quite impressive

Even though, yes, this particular kit does come with a lot of the same parts of the original, but there are some new original parts that are included here. Which does make the prospect of seeing how all of the new bits would work in the Super Fumina really seems to be a quite an exciting prospect. Am really looking forward to seeing how things would pan out here when the time comes when I get to start work on this awesome kit.

The manual as well looks quite good, honestly, it was something that I didn’t expect they were to put the effort in. Since, if I were, to be honest, they could’ve just given it the same manual from the original and just be done with it. However, instead, it seems that they went the extra mile with this and give us one pretty impressive looking manual with a pretty impressive cover for this particular HG kit.

Though the manual is just like all the P-Bandai manuals that we’ve gone through where there isn’t any proper lore attached to it, which does make me feel a bit disappointed. But what we get here is honestly good enough to go through. However, the rest of the manual, well on the building processes side… is more less the same thing that you’ll find with the original manual, but well..with some additions here and there.

By far one of the best HG covers that I’ve seen to date.
The rear end of the manual which is filled with all the awesome things related to the best girl.
This is definitely the best one out of all
The colored version of the instructional side
and the B & W version, looking at it all I can confirm that is mostly the same manual with just some new additions here and there

Overall, I would like to say that things are looking quite promising with the kit. However, since I do have some experience with both the original Super Fumina and the and the Axis Angel version, I have to say that this is looking to be…more Fumina. To be honest, I don’t expect it to be any different than my previous run with the kit.

But even with that said, I still do look forward to starting work on this, because I’m quite curious to see if my opinion of the Super Fumina has changed after having experienced better and more expensive mecha girl kits. It would be really interesting to see how would perceive the kit now. This is really one project that I really looking forward to starting work on!

Do hope that things will go well for this one and I’m really looking forward to starting work on this awesome kit.

With that ends this week that is one of the latest Unboxing and First Impressions of the HG 1/144 Super Fumina A.E.U.G Maid ver. I really enjoyed my time digging through my backlogs and hopefully will find more new old things in my somewhat huge backlog collection!

Anyways, we will be back again this week more Let’s Talk Gunpla Segment on the coming Wednesday and we will be back as well on the coming Sunday (hopefully) with new Unboxing and First impressions to unbox another kit from my backlog! So, do look forward to that!

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We hope by sharing our love and passion for gunplas here, it’ll inspire you to pick up the hobby or reignite your love for gunpla!

Anyways, we shall see all of you again next week, and we hope that you all have an awesome week and weekend ahead! Have an awesome Gunpla building time there as well and until next time!


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