MG 1/100 FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam (MG) Review

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Finally, the review of the Green full armor Grandpa! 

After 3 weeks of going through phases of sickness and the super slow building process and progress of the MG Full Armor Gundam, finally I manage to complete this beast of a project and one that I wasn’t expecting it to be a beast of a project nor was I expecting this to be one that took a long time to complete. One that those projects that I admit that i was underestimated the kind of undertaking that I am undertaking at the time.

But I know you guys aren’t here to hear me rant about what went down, but instead you are here to know if this kit is…..

Any good?

That’s what I will be talking about in this review, one which I learned by the time of writing this review…a very rare Retail MG kit to date.

But before we get to the review, let us delve into some of the awesome lore of this MS, shall we?

History and development of the FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam.

FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam

Model name                      : FA-78-1

Classification                     : Prototype Full Armor General-Purpose Mobile Suit

Weapon systems             : 60mm Vulcan Guns, 360mm Rocket Launcher, Missile Launcher, Beam Saber, Twin Beam Rifle

Height                                  : 19.5m

Armour Material              : Luna Titanium

Powerplant                        : Minovsky Ultracompact Fusion Reactor (1380 output)

Total Thrust                        : 60,500 kg Total

Effective Sensor Radius : 5700m

Crew                                     : 1

image (1)
The Full Armor Gundam is seen here in action

Out of all the MS that I’ve made research of, the FA-78-1 probably has one of the most confusing development lore ever. Well, that is because mostly the lore… was quite inconsistent when it comes down to which version of the RX series that the Full Armor is based from.

I’ve seen some sources stating that the Full Armor Gundam used the RX-78-2 model as the basis of their development and there were as well some sources stated that it was indeed based on the RX-78-1 model as the base model for their development of the many features of the Full Armor Gundam. Though after much digging, I found that the latter to be true since from the records that I’ve gone through it does point out to that fact.

So, you may be wondering what the difference then in between the two you may ask…..well besides the different color scheme between the two, there isn’t much difference here in between the two versions of Gundam. Though, I suspect that maybe the obvious changes can be seen when we take a look in the OS build of both Gundams. However we as well suspect that in the Full Armor Version, the RX-78-1 model that was used for the testing seems to be using the same OS build as the one used by Amuro Ray, its like they finally managed to standardize the OS in be to be the same as the one seen used in Amuro’s version of the Gundam.

image (2)
The Full Armor Gundam is seen here battling the infamous perfect Zeong

Regardless, it is quite hard to tell what is the difference in between the two if we were to be fank. However, the thing that really sets both apart is the FSWS system that is mounted on the RX-78-1, one of the many reasons why they HAD to reclassify the RX-78-1 into FA-78-1. What they created here is an MS upgrade which made the already formidable Gundam into something that is even more formidable which managed to see limited actions in the Thunderbolt sector and the A Baoa Qu battlespace.

The FSWS system was originally a concept that was supposed to be an upgrade option to the RX-78-2, is the result of the EFSF higher ups seeing Amuro’s Gundam earning many strings of successes against the Principality which made them think to themselves why not give the already formidable RX-78-2 with more armor and beam weaponry without having to resort in wasting time and resources in developing a new MS all together.

In a way, they were trying to see if they could extend the lifespan of the Gundam to see the feasibilities of having the Gundam mass produced. That is why that we can see the FSWS upgrade option was designed from the ground up to give the Gundam much better protection and at the same time have the gundam mount some of the most formidable beam-based and projectile-based weapons.

This might be one awesome scene to be able to see if I were, to be honest.

Which was interesting, since I suspect that might be one of the reasons of why this project gets the green light to go through the prototype phase because on paper the FSWS upgrade was starting to look like a feasible upgrade to the Gundam.

However, during the rigorous testing stages, it was reported that all these additional Armors and heavy weaponry does start to tamper with the overall mobility and the maneuverability of the Gundam quite considerably. With the feds getting reports of the Zeeks developing High-mobility upgrades to the Zaku II to match the maneuverability of the gundam and as well developing more and more newer MS’s is capable of high mobility, knowing that the FSWS option would instead decrease the performance of their ace mobile suit, didn’t really sit too well with the Feddie higher-ups.

Not to mention with their own dismal experiences after putting some of the prototype units of the FSWS equipped Gundam’s into battle. The EFSF higher ups decided not to continue down the path of developing upgrades to the Gundam and instead decided to allocate resources in developing newer MS so they wouldn’t be left behind in the ongoing technological war.

Even though the Full Armor Gundam didn’t see the light of day as an upgrade to Amuro’s Gundam unit, but there were reports that mentioned that some of the Prototype versions of it did see limited action during the latter stages of the OYW during the battles in A Baoa Qu and in the thunderbolt sector. As well it should be noted that the Full Armor’s concept was used to help the development of many other known MS’s like the FA-78-2 Heavy Gundam and the NT-1 gundam.

image (1)
The what could’ve been moment indeed

With the history lesson done, let us now move on to the review, shall we?

The Review

hmm sexy.

Before I start, I have to first be frank with you guys here.

When I got this kit last year in Taiwan, I really didn’t wasn’t expecting this particular version of the MG Ver.2.0 gundam to be…well quite rare. I thought at the time it was just because that I been having a stroke of rotten luck in trying to get this particular version of the Gundam. So read some of the responses that were asking me on where I managed to snag this kit up I was honestly quite surprised by it. Even though the thought that I’m not the only one that struggled to get this MG kit was somewhat comforting, but at the same time I was wondering why people struggled to get this retail kit.

From what I gather from the responses that I’ve been getting from ya’ll is that Bandai temporarily put a stop at producing this version of the Full Armor Gundam due to an issue present with the kit. Which was as well pointed out by many of you awesome commenters and readers (those that have had experiences working on this MG kit) of the blog on the issues that were plaguing this kit. I admit when I read some of the comments here on the issue, I was quite curious to see how bad it is. Which is why for this build I’m using Bandai’s revolutionary ‘Foam Double Sided tape’ to see if it is as bad how you guys said it would be

Now, however, I after experiencing first hand the all the problems the MG Full Armor Gundam has…. I admit I can understand why Bandai might want to stop producing this and at the same time, I know why some of you guys here are quite frustrated with some aspects of this particular MG Ver.2.0 Gundam variant.

This is one jet place that I don’t mind taking a ride on
This is good
but this is better
why aren’t we seeing more MG’s with a head unit that is this detailed?

But before we get well ahead of ourselves here, let us first talk about the kit, shall we?

Let us first talk about…the build.

Whenever I think about the time, I spent building this, I will almost immediately be smiling like an idiot. Which I find it to be quite impressive, why? Well despite this is kit that is based on a kit that was already 11 years old by now, it was still a kit that without fail still manages to be quite a blast to build. It might be mostly due to how awesome and timeless the MG Gundam Ver.2.0 parts are designed and feel. Even the FSWS parts are a blast to make! Yes, the FSWS part is simple when it comes down to its construction and design but it works as how it was intended and I appreciate the fact that they as well designed the FSWS Armor to look like it was a part of the kit, not something that was tacked on last minute with a shoestring.

What’s more impressive is that they did this without having to do a complete overhaul to the MG Gundam Ver.2.0 parts at all and yet Bandai made the FSWS armor looked like it was meant to be attached to the Gundam all this while. I am really impressed by how they managed to pull this one off.

A shiny arm is a good arm
I love the color scheme on the arm unit here
When i saw this for the first time, I took a long pause to just admire the Green Grandpas beauty…..

Though I admit that there are some of the parts were quite badly gated and some of them even had some horrendous nub marks due to the bad gates, but it wasn’t a problem that I was bothered with since I kind of expecting this to be the case with the…well by now a kit with parts that had a pretty dated design. Instead, I start to find that to issue to present themselves to be a challenge instead, in which if I were, to be honest, I was having quite fun looking for ways to make it look less bad.

More surprising to me is that all the MG Full Armor Gundam’s parts looked so goddamn good, from its inner frame to the outer frame. I would say that thanks to the awesome color scheme it kind of made everything about the MG Full Armor Gundam just feels really awesome, honestly its hard to look at this and not love what Bandai did with the kit.

Oh, this is as well one of those rare kits, that had a coated inner frame parts. One that surprisingly I really don’t mind having to work on, since all the parts looked so beautiful when it is finally completed. It kind of makes me want to work on more kits with coated inner frames.

If you think how the arm inner frame looked…well now feast your eyes on this beautiful thing
God it as well looks good when you put all the awesome colored leg armors
Looking at this one can’t help to feel like they take some inspiration from the Ver.K.A grandpa to make the look here work.

However, despite its awesomeness, there are a few things about this MG kit that I was pretty… well, disappointed with. Like for an instance…if you’re aware of the issues plaguing the MG Ver.2.0 Gundam’s back feet cover not being able to stay in place, well rest assured that the issue makes a strong return here as well. So be prepared to be annoyed by the constant babysitting if you’re not planning to glue that part up.

However, coming in I was aware of the issue that was plaguing this kit even before I get there and I thought with the FSWS upgrade, it would help negate the issue that I had with the Gundams loose feet unit backplate. Well, prepared to be disappointed guys because they didn’t address the issue here at all. Yes, all of them FSWS additional leg Armor didn’t help to cover the loose sections of the feet unit at all and I really find that to be quite annoying.

What’s more, that’s not the only issue I had with the FSWS upgrade. Oh no, there is one that is even worse than a loose feet backplate, which is a loose FSWS additional shoulder armor bit. Yes, a freakking loose shoulder armor part, I was really baffled by that. Why? Well if the armor bit is THAT loose and the only way for me to negate that issue is by gluing it up, then what’s the point of marketing this to be a kit where you can take off the FSWS armor bits off whenever you feel like it?

The best looking Gundam…..
That was made better

Strangely enough, even though I’ve been hearing a lot of comments from you guys here about on how bad the ‘foam double sided’ tape that was included together with the MG Full Armor Gundam is. But to be honest, my experiences with it was quite all right so far, there were no serious issues with it and all the parts that does use the ‘tape’ stays quite well on the kit with no major issues.

But it is not to say that I don’t encounter issues with the tapes in fact I do, and I can see that these tapes are not something that would be able to last a long time if I were to be really frank. Even though I might be one of the lucky ones to have the tapes hold on better, but I admit that this isn’t really something that I would recommend you guys to be using. Instead, if you are planning to keep them armor bits in place longer, do try to find other alternatives to make that happen instead of using the Bandai sanctioned ‘tapes’.

Which now I can understand why we don’t see the kit a lot nowadays. I can see Bandai themselves look at the tapes and think to themselves why did we use a bloody tape to hold things together, when we designed the parts to look this awesome. This is why I said the kit made me feel quite conflicted, you have one bit of the kit is so good and at the same time, it had parts of it that annoy the living daylights out of you.

Though…I do have a nagging suspicion that the other reason that stops producing them kits is that just maybe they might have plans to release the Ver.3.0 version of the Full Armor Gundam…though that is mostly would be more like a pipe dream by now, but really if they were to do that, that might be one of the very best things ever! Not to mention if they were to release a Ver.3.0 Full Armor Gundam, I wouldn’t be surprised if that kit would be most badass looking MG kit to date.

Why do I say that?

Well if I have to be frank, because this version of the Full Armor Gundam looks badass. Like I said before it is hard to not look at this and not love it, this is by far the best looking Gundam variant to date. From its inner frame looks, the normal look or its FSWS look, whatever versions of the Full Armor Gundam you choose to have to rest assured that you will have one of the best looking MG’s to date.

Despite all its issues with them loose parts, the articulation that I get on this kit is still quite impressive. The parts could really move quite well and you can still stretch the kit up well and still, nothing would fall apart…well if you haven’t by now glued the damned loose shoulder armor and feet backplate that is. Plus this is really one of those kits that I really recommend getting a stand for if you are planning to have it displayed because really as a display kit this kit looks AMAZING.

Despite my conflicted feelings that I had with some of the issues that I encounter, but I admit that this kit is one that I find it to be one that is quite hard to dislike. Especially when on most parts I had a lot of fun with it. Not to mention, towards the end of the build the awesome look of the kit made all the pain that you had to go through seem to be quite worthwhile. One that I would recommend getting if you do come across it and remember to not use the Bandai sanctioned tapes, I seriously recommend you guys to find other ways to deal with the armor bits, that is if you are planning to have the armor parts stay on longer.

Because I’m sure you guys have better things to do than to babysit a plastic model.

Because I am an independent gunpla that needs no man

With that ends the review for the MG 1/100 Full Armor Gundam (MG) Review! Finally, with the MG Full Armor Done now, we can really move on to new kits, one that I’m really excited about getting to work on! 😀

I do think that this kit is pretty decent, and I am really glad that I started the year building an MG kit that both challenging, frustrating and at the same time one that I still managed to have tons of fun with. I really hope that the year would continue to be as exciting as this and I really hope they would finally give us a new MG Full Armor Gundam based on the MG Ver.3.0 Gundam. Really that would be one Gunpla that I could really imagine people losing their shit on.

Anyways, we will be back again this week more Let’s Talk Gunpla Segment on the coming Wednesday and we will be back as well on the coming Sunday with either a review! So, do look forward to that!

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Anyways, we shall see all of you again next week, and we hope that you all have an awesome week and weekend ahead! Have an awesome Gunpla building time there as well and until next time!


8 thoughts on “MG 1/100 FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam (MG) Review

  1. that is a very well written post regarding Full Armor Gundam, it was really confused about its existence of Full Armor Gundam even thou it got featured in numerous of TV commercials in the 80’s like these ones HCM and MSV Johnny Rider vs Full Armor even you can see full Armor Gundam is in the cover of Kunio Okawara artbook. until now is hasnt been featured in any anime or a game and its pilot is unknown, unlike other Zaku MSV pilots.

    I want aware about the kit issues until you pointed them out. the build looks amazing and the rareity makes up its flaws, even in Japan it considered a rare item with the high tag price up to 12,000yen in one of the stores I saw.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks man, this really takes me quite a while to finish and this is one kit that really took me for a ride, in which I really find myself to have quite a time with.

      Though, by now I’m not surprised that the kit was a pretty rare kit, but i am surprised by how much this kit cost now….I was quite surprised by how expensive this kit is……in japan. Dang.

      Thanks again for your awesome words of encouragement and hopefully we here would be albe to release more awesome content! 😀


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