Unboxing and First Impressions of HG 1/144 RMS-117 Galbaldy-β (HGUC)

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I have a serious HG Red MS obsession atm

This week has been a great week for me overall, riding on a high from building the Megami Device Collabro B1 Edelweiss and now working on the quite awesome so far HGUC R-Jarja. Things have been going really well for me in terms of gunpla building so far.

I’m really getting myself back into the Gunpla building groove.

As you may already notice from my constant gunpla building updates, the currently in progress HGUC R-Jarja is still a long ways from being done, so as I figured why not this week I’ll do an Unboxing of an upcoming HGUC project that I have in mind….

One that was born from my recent trip to my local Gunpla shop, the one that got for cheap in an in-store promotion recently.

Oh Before I forget, Kimi here and this week I will be doing an Unboxing and First Impressions of the HG 1/144 RMS-117 Galbaldy-β (HGUC)!

HG 1/144 RMS-117 Galbaldy-β (HGUC)

Release Date: June 2018

Retail Price: MYR RM 47.00* ( USD $ 11.30* / EUR € 10.03*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation

2018 has been my favorite year when it comes down to 1/144 scale releases because there were really alot of awesome HG and RG kits that were released in this year. Though I do admit that due to the lack of funding and the sheer abundance of all the other project that I have in hand, I had to give most of them a pass because of it. Especially for the…

HGUC Galbaldy-β.

Ever since its release mid-June last year, the HGUC Galbaldy-β has been one kit that has been one of those HGUC kits that have been one that I actually have been meaning to get. Unfortunately, due to the aforementioned commitments towards all the other on hand projects and the lack of funding. The desire to get the kit was buried underneath it all.

But thanks to the quite recent Gunpla Eid sales that were conducted by one of my local Gunpla stores, I finally was reunited with that desire to get this HGUC kit.

Though this kit is really one that I would really find it very hard to ignore as I take a look at the HGUC Galbaldy-β’s box art. Illustrated by the same awesome chap that made the previously unboxed and currently work in progress HGUC R-Jarja’s box art, the HGUC Galbaldy-β’s box art is as well is one decent looking box art. Although, we are starting to feel like more and more the HGUC Boxart is looking like an MG’s box art. You can really tell that the illustrator is really getting better at creating awesome illustrations for the HGUC Box arts.

A scenic view of the awesome Galbaldy-β

However, unlike the one we’ve seen with the HGUC R-Jarja, here the box art looks a lot more scenic then action oriented. But even with that said, I don’t think that is a bad thing, in fact, we really don’t mind having it as a proper art piece for the Homebase if Bandai ever plans to make one in a larger scale.

The HGUC Galbaldy-β packaging as well had English filled information lore and brief information on the kit placed at the side section of the packaging. As always, I really have quite a blast going through it all and I really do feel that the current format that they are using for the packaging really works in pulling people into the hobby.

I do hope that Bandai continues on with the current format for the HGUC packaging.

The format that is used here does look quite neat here and very appealing for those new to the hobby.
First lore bit that you would see before you buy the kit and it is quite a good read too

As I moved on to the actual Unboxing of the HGUC Galbaldy-β, the very first things that I noticed here is just how different the red color scheme for the kit is when compared to the current HGUC kit that I’m working on. Which is a bit strange because, when it comes down to the color all Bandai did here is just giving it a much darker red color scheme when compared to the “currently in progress” HGUC R-Jarja. But somehow rather it does make the HGUC Galbaldy-β’s color scheme look more militarily realistic when I compared it to the brighter cartoonish red tone of the HGUC R-Jarja.

Though I do need to make it clear that I’m shitting on the HGUC R-Jarja’s color scheme, I love how the standard scheme of the R-Jarja looks now. All I’m saying here is I just feel like the standard HGUC Galbaldy-β’s color scheme looks alot more visually realistic.

All the red scheme in one runner and this is prolly one of the best color schemes that one can use for a red MS

As I  investigate further, another thing that I noticed with most of the HGUC Galbaldy-β’s individual parts, I notice that most of them have a pretty simple design to it. Even though there are some bits here and there which was designed to be insanely detailed, however, most of the parts looked pretty simple.

Even with that said, despite its simplicity, there is something about how it all looked which makes it quite appealing to me. Although I do like to have more HGUC kit that looked as insanely detailed like the HGUC Moon Gundam was, however, I do as well admit that a good looking simple HGUC like the Galbaldy-β as well works for me when done right.

Well, that is as long as I do actually find that the kit to be fun to work on. Since all of this is still my initial impressions, it’s really hard to say for now.

The fact that Bandai could make something simple look so detailed is really something that I am quite impressed by
Even the details on the sole of the feet unit was a joy to go through

Moving on to the manual section, there is one thing that I noticed immediately as soon as I cope a feel to it… the material that was used for the HGUC Galbaldy-β’s manual. I know that its a very nitpicky thing to notice on a manual, but when I compare between the recently released (and currently work in progress) HGUC R-Jarja’s manual with the HGUC Galbaldy-β’s I really can’t help to feel the sheer difference. Because to be really frank, the texture of the HGUC Galbaldy-β’s manual feels better to hold compared to the much smoother and synthetic feel of the HGUC R-Jarja’s.

It does make me wonder if they cut down on the manual printing cost for the newer HGUC kits?  Prolly I do need to some more digging before I can confirm. But if it is true, then I do fear for the HGUC’s manuals future.

Though that’s not the only thing that I noticed with the manual.

It as well seems like that HGUC Galbaldy-β’s manual has more lore and a much more elaborate gimmicks section when compared to the HGUC R-Jarja’s.  There are two pages that were dedicated to the lore and the gimmick section for the HGUC Galbaldy-β’s as versus the one page that was allocated for the HGUC R-Jarja’s.

Although I don’t the cut down of the lore and the gimmicks section for the HGUC R-Jarja is intentional, because looking back at the two I do realize that HGUC R-Jarja does have a much more work process involved when compared to the much more basic straight forward work process of the HGUC Galbaldy-β’s.

I think the Galbaldy-β looked better than most playboy playmates
This probably one of the most elaborate lore sections that I’ve seen on an HGUC kit to date
if one is not good enough, the HGUC Galbaldy-β manual comes with 2 pages of awesome lore

Even though HGUC Galbaldy-β has alot of lore and information about the kit. The format for the instruction section looked like what you would have with all the newer and current mainline HG kits. I wasn’t really expecting this to follow the same path of how the HGAC Leo’s manual was. But the fact that they really have alot of lore bits here does make the manual to be more fun to go through.

Although it had a very awesome lore section, however for the instruction bit, everything there looked pretty standard.

Overall, I feel the HGUC Galbaldy-β is looking pretty interesting so far. There is alot that was done here that is making me feel quite excited to see how the HGUC Galbaldy-β would come together. Looking at how everything is here, I really can’t wait to start work on this!

May it be more interesting to build then to just see.

With that ends this week’s Unboxing and First Impressions for the HG 1/144 RMS-117 Galbaldy-β. What do you think of this week’s kit that I just unboxed? Do you yourselves have the same experience as I did with this HGUC kit? Never would I imagine something that looks as simple as this would make me feel quite excited to start work on. To be really frank am not sure if my excitement is really due to the fact that I like the kit or am I still riding on the Edelweiss high.

Regardless of how I may feel, I really hope that this would be something awesome and hopefully the positive run doesn’t end with this kit.

Anyways, we will be back again with more Let’s Talk Gunpla Segment on the next coming Wednesday and this Sunday Kimi will be back with the review for the HG 1/144 AMX-104 Galbaldy-β  (HGUC)! So do look forward to that!

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Anyways, we shall see all of you again next week, and we hope that you all have an awesome week and weekend ahead! Have an awesome Gunpla building time there as well and until next time!


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  1. I love the feet too! They’re great. Those big bulky suits are so fun.

    I think this guy screams for some additional panel lines, what do you think?

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