Unboxing and First Impressions of P-Bandai MG 1/100 MS-06FS Zaku II Garma Zabi Custom (MG)


An unboxing of yet another quite rare P-Bandai MG kit

After working on the P-Bandai MG MS-09R Rick-Dom Dozel Zabi Custom, I thought there is no way that I would be given another chance to work on another Zabi Family Custom MS.

But here I’m this week with another P-Bandai MG kit based on another custom MS for one of the Zabi Family members, and this time we would be doing an Unboxing on the P-Bandai MG Garma Zabi’s Custom Zaku II.

Oh, how I’m going to have fun unboxing this one.

P-Bandai MG 1/100 MS-06FS Zaku II Garma Zabi Custom (MG)

Release Date: December 2014

Retail price: JPY 6,000* (MYR RM 232.31* / USD $ 55.47* / EUR € 50.25*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation

Although it is not that long ago we unboxed an MG P-Bandai kit, but I do find myself really starting to be quite fond of the monotone packaging style of the P-Bandai kits. Just like the previous P-Bandai MG MS-09R Rick-Dom Dozel Zabi Custom kit that I unboxed and reviewed about a few weeks back, this as well had a pretty nice monotone color selected for it and it is as well one that we really feel fits the whole scheme of this kit.

Since it is a ground-based MS.

Not to mention too the key visual that was used for the cover of this P-Bandai MG kit does as well look quite badass. Looking at it you really can’t help to feel like it was made to pose for a Zeon Propaganda poster. Like it was meant to be used to celebrate Garma’s Earth Invasion Campaign on Earth.

Frankly, it looks as if it was posing for a propaganda photo shoot

But then again, when I reflect back on the P-Bandai MG Rick-Dom Dozel Zabi Custom’s Boxart, I do as well think that the Dozel Zabi’s Rick-Dom visuals have the same vibe there too.

Regardless, of that fact, I do admit that the visuals used here do look good enough to make fans of the shortlived Garma want to get this badass looking Zaku II. As usual, there is nothing to expect on the side section of this box packaging, since this is the P-Bandai format. So if you are expecting to learn anything before making your purchase, well I think it is best if you make the research before spending your money on this.

Well at the very least one take the time to appreciate the nice font that was used here

Although I do have a confession to make before we head to the unboxing part of this segment. Because frankly, when I got this kit here, I was kind of expecting to see alot of brown and less black parts here. However, as I got to the actual unboxing, I realized that it doesn’t seem to be the case here. Because there were alot of subtle dark colors here and there, like for an instance you do have here a kit that comes with a mix of brown, dark green, dark grey and as well black color schemes here. Oh not to forget, they as well still have the shit gold like we see with the previous version here as well.

A mix of a bunch of colors that I wasn’t expecting to see on the Garma version of the Zaku II
Although, I do admit that I am a fan of the green here
The shit tier gold-colored parts makes an appearance again here

But even with that said, I was quite impressed by the quality of the plastic here and the color scheme that they decided to go for, for this P-Bandai MG kit. Although some of the clear plastic packagings for this MG kit do look quite quite worn off, but yet unlike what I experianced with the P-Bandai MS-09R Rick Dom Dozel Zabi custom the parts for the MG Garma’s Zaku II look quite good. Looking at how the parts were, it makes me feel like that I might not have to take the same precautions as to how I did with the MG Dozel’s Rick-Dom. But then again we shall see how most of them would hold up when I eventually come down to start working on them.

Another thing that I wasn’t expecting to see this kit to have sections that used the same mold as the MG MS-06F Ver.2.0’s. Since the Zaku II FS was meant to be used on the ground, I thought they would be using the MG Zaku II J version’s mold and not the MG Zaku II F version’s. Then again the differences between the two are not that huge so…I guess it is fine.

A very familiar looking part with a very different colored scheme makes an appearance here
I still enjoy going through its details here and there

Plus I prefer the MG Zaku II F version than the MG Zaku II J version anyways.

The manual for this kit is just like what I expect to see with this line of P-Bandai kit. You will expect to see one manual from the ‘original’ retail version that this kit is based on and another a small booklet for the ‘P-Bandai’ Version of this kit. Both are quite fun to go through and surprisingly enough I still find the MG MS-06F Zaku II Ver.2.0’s manual to be quite a blast to go through.

You have one main manual, using the original manual from the MG MS-06F Zaku II Ver2.0’s for most of the familiar parts
and the small booklet for the P-Bandai section

But looking at it I can understand why they decided to do this kind of configuration for the manual since there isn’t alot of new things that was added here to convert it to the Garma’s version of the Zaku II. So there isn’t really a real need to have the kit to have a new manual printed especially for this kit.

But even with that said, I really think that it would be really nice for them to just have one for this kit. It would be as well would be really nice for them to have the same level of lore that you would expect with the retail version to be included together in the P-Bandai version. Because I really would love to read what the Bandai loremasters have to write about this particular Zaku II variant.

The one thing that I really miss about the MG Zaku II Ver.2.0’s manual is its excellent lore. It’s a shame that the kit was released back in 2008. If this was to be released now, I can imagine this to be lore hunters wet dream
This bit is my favorite bit of the whole manual

But then again, so far I haven’t seen any P-Bandai MG kit that does that with their MG kits…so I guess the lack of lore is kind of expected nowadays. But then again it would really be nice to at the very least have some lore included in the P-Bandai MG kits manual.

Overall, I do like what I see here with this P-Bandai MG kit, it does look quite promising in my books and since I do have some experience building the MG MS-06F Zaku II Ver.2.0 before, I as well have a feeling that this is going to be one that I would have a lot of fun with.

This is really one MG kit that I really look forward to seeing more of as soon I’m down with the other gunpla commitments, hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

With that ends this week’s Unboxing and First Impressions for the P-Bandai MG 1/100 MS-06FS Zaku II Garma Zabi Custom (MG). What do you think of this week’s kit that I just unboxed? Do you yourselves have the same experience as I did with this P-Bandai MG kit? I am excited to start working on this one, especially when you already know based on your previous experience that this one kit, is going to be a blast to build.

Which does make the prospect of me eventually getting to this one more exciting every day.

Anyways, we will be back again with more Let’s Talk Gunpla Segment on the next coming Wednesday and Friday. While I will be back on Monday with another review or an unboxing, So do look forward to that!

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