RG 1/144 RX-93 ν Gundam (RG) Review

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The best RG kit of 2019?

The RG line up has been going on an uptrend lately, releasing one after another excellent RG kits. The RG line up really started off quite strong this year with the release of the RG Crossbone, which is currently our favorite Gunpla build of this year and one that we all here unanimously agrees that this is probably is the best kits of 2019.

So the question now remains, will the RG ν Gundam kit now will be taking over the title away from the RG Crossbone? better yet will it even go as far to dethrone the RG Sazabi off from its current title of the best RG of all time? Or will it be just another mediocre kit?

That would be something that we will take the time to discuss here in my review of the RG 1/144 RX-93 ν Gundam (RG) kit.

Since we have covered the history bit already with the MG Ver.K.A of the same MS, we will not be doing another history lesson here. But if you are interested in reading, we’ll link the MG Ver.K.A review here if you are interested in learning more about the lore of this badass MS.

So without further ado let us get into the review straight away, shall we?

The Review


It is quite funny when I look back that my very first experience with an RG kit is with the RG Grandpa. I remember clearly how I was insanely excited I was to be getting the RG Gramps so I get to see first hand on how are they going to pull off creating something that looks more akin to an MG kit scaled down to the 1/144 HG scale. I was so obsessed with getting the RG Grandpa that I kept finding myself staring at the preorder page at the Hobby Search website counting down the days of its eventual arrival.

It was so bad to a point that I was starting to be dreaming about owning it.

Well, all that excitement eventually burned down to a goddamn crisp as soon as I got to work on the RG Gramps. Because as soon as I was finished with it, I was left feeling massively disappointed by it. Why? Well because the RG Gramps was insanely flimsy, with its parts keep falling down every time you try to move it limbs an inch and worse of all I didn’t have alot of fun building it. I kept finding myself feeling quite frustrated by it and there were many times that I felt like giving up on it.

But despite my feelings, I soldiered through and finished it. Because I could see the potential that it has even back when they didn’t have the best of starts with the first few RG releases.

You might be wondering why I bring this part up on an RG ν Gundam review? Well, the reason for that is because of two things, first of all, this might be the second RG that is based on Amuro’s Machine that I’ve built ever since the RG line-up was first introduced and secondly, I realized that the obsession that I have for the RG ν Gundam is almost similar to my obsession of the RG Gramps.

I do admit that realization does give me the goosebumps.


Unlike the RG Gramps, the RG ν Gundam is most definitely a step up from its earlier predecessors. After building it I can understand why there are alot of people out there that have built this adore this kit so much. Because there is really so much here that one will fall in love with if they were to pick this kit up.

This is really one of the best looking feet that I’ve seen this year
Which was complemented by one of the most detailed RG leg units that I’ve seen in a long time.
The best and the sexiest RG legs that I have the pleasure of building this year

For starters, lets first cover the kits fundamentals, the build. The one that I feel is the most important thing for that this RG managed to get right. Because this kit was a blast to build, every single individual parts was gated well, and most of the sprues were quite easy to take care of. What’s more, they do have ALOT of parts that is undergated, which does make things a bit easy for me.

What’s more, I do find that all the RG ν Gundam’s parts fit snuggly with no loose bits…at all. Which I do find to be quite impressive. But best of all is that RG ν Gundam got right, is the fact that the RG ν Gundam is a good mix between fun and challenging. The kind of challenges that I faced here is more towards figuring out how to make my builds look better which is something that I find to be quite fun to figure out.

Plus when you do a good job in the said section, you will find that the end result of your hard work to be quite rewarding and as well as satisfying. Which is a far cry from the first iteration of the RG kit, the RG Gramps? Which was mostly frustrating and unrewarding.

The details seen on the waist unit is really something that i was quite impressed by
But all of that was dwarfed with the completed look of the waist unit

This brings us to the second and last bit of why I love this kit so much, its war-winning looks and its articulation. Remember when I mention that the end result of your hard work to be quite rewarding? Because this is without a doubt is one of the VERY best looking Rg kits that I’ve seen so far. Admittedly, as you may have already known that I did apply the decals while building the RG ν Gundam which does made the parts look really awesome, however, I do honestly believe that even if I choose not to apply them and just give the RG ν Gundam the plain look, it would still be able to attract people to stare at its very handsome look.

This was only made possible because Bandai really managed to make this to be one of the most insanely detailed RG kits that I have seen. Even when compared to the RG Crossbone which was released this year, pales in comparison to the RG ν Gunda in the details department. From the RG ν Gundam’s head unit, all the way to its leg unit, there isn’t any part of the RG ν Gundam that you will find to be lacking in the matter of details.

But looks alone are not enough to make one want to get this kit, which is why the RG ν Gundam has as well one of the best articulations that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. It’s actually quite amusing to see every single section of this RG kit and its limbs to be… quite well articulated especially those seen on the RG ν Gundam’s leg unit.

The top bit of this chest unit looked really good, too bad the lower bit doesn’t have the same level of detail like the top bit
But at the very least when everything was armored up, it does look really good

What’s more, its ability to pose as well was complimented with its ability to hold any poses that you subject the RG ν Gundam to. No matter what poses you may have in mind, you can rest assured that the RG ν Gundam would be able to hold that pose, no questions asked. But what I do find to be the most impressive is the fact that even with its full pieces of equipment attached to the RG ν Gundam, the kit was able to stand tall and proud without needing support.

Even though the RG ν Gundam can be at times a tad bit unstable with all those pieces of equipment attached to it. But it is still quite nice to know that you can still pull that off without having to rely on a stand.

Regardless of that fact, I still strongly believe to really make full of use of the poses that you can pull off with the RG ν Gundam it is still best for you to get a stand. Since it would enable you to further expand on the kind of poses that you may have in mind for the RG ν Gundam. Seeing that Bandai as well had some effect parts sold separately, I do as well suggest getting that, so you can as well have the RG ν Gundam’s fin funnels to posed in its deployed form posing together side by side with the RG ν Gundam.

I spend more time looking at this then actually starting work on completing it
But I do find myself spending even more time looking at this after it was completed

As you all may have noticed, I have been quite positive with my review of the RG ν Gundam so far. So does that mean I’m happy with everything that I experianced here? Well not quite, despite how positive things are with this RG kit, I do admit that there is one thing that I’m quite bothered by.

In which would be on the design changes to the RG ν Gundam chest unit’s inner frame design.

Because even though I  do find myself at most parts agreeing with the design choices made on the RG ν Gundam’s inner frame, however, its the inclusion of the chest unit’s cockpit: the Panoramic/Linear seat cockpit is what I find to be something that I wasn’t happy with. Because even though I can understand their reasoning in removing that bit out from the RG ν Gundam, so they could make way for more articulation on the body unit to be made possible. But its kind of frustrating to see them going great lengths in creating the awesome details seen on the other sections of the RG ν Gundam but not going far enough to figure out a middle ground on including a proper cockpit area while still giving it that some articulation on the chest unit.

I know that this may sound like I’m just nitpicking here but it is hard not to do so when you are kind of expecting the same ‘we can fit everything in any scale’ attitude that I experienced with the RG Sazabi. Where they really managed to fit in almost all the same things that I’ve experianced with its MG Ver.K.A counterpart. Which is why I was disappointed with what is seen on the RG ν Gundam, the omittance of the chest units is a sign that they are not willing to go at the same length as to how they did with the RG Sazabi.

It looked simple, but upon closer inspection, you will notice that the backpack unit does look quite detailed
Building these doesn’t take too much time of my time to complete, however, putting them decals did.

Regardless, that doesn’t discount the overall experience that I had working on this kit. Because overall it is just a brilliant piece of plastic, one that I do find myself enjoying my time working on in these past few weeks. There is just so much that was done right here that I really can’t help to be more impressed by it the more I spend time with it.

This is without a doubt would be something that I would highly recommend to those interested in getting the RG ν Gundam.

But to come back to the question that I asked earlier, yes this is most definitely is a better RG kit compared to the RG Crossbone that I built recently. However, if you ask me if I think the RG ν Gundam is better compared to the RG Sazabi? The answer to that is a definite no.

Although it might not be earned the title of best RG kit of all time, at the very least we can give it the best RG of 2019 title to it

But I do admit that the RG ν Gundam is a good effort made by Bandai to try to topple the Big Red Giant off its ‘the best RG kit’ throne nevertheless.

With that ends the by now quite delayed review for the RG 1/144 RX-93 ν Gundam (RG). What do you think of both the kit and the review for this RG kit? Do you share the same thoughts with us or do you think that this kit could’ve been better? This is really one tough kit to review. This was one of those reviews that had to go through ALOT of revisions before I ended up with a review that I feel really speaks of my honest thoughts on this RG ν Gundam.

One that I’m really glad that I finally managed to do. Now I can move on to the next one, and this time I can really take it slow since the next project that I have planned is an HG kit.

and it is as well one of the best looking Gunpla kits of 2019

Anyways, we will be back again with more new blog posts on the coming Wednesday and Friday. Kimi as well will be back again on this coming Monday with either a review or an unboxing blog post, So do look forward to that!

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We hope by sharing our love and passion for gunplas here, it’ll inspire you to pick up the hobby or reignite your love for gunpla!

Anyways, we shall see all of you again next week, and we hope that you all have an awesome week and weekend ahead! Have an awesome Gunpla building time there as well and until next time!


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