RG 1/144 Gunpla EXPO ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam Heine Westenfluss Custom (RG) Review

A Heine completed

I’m in love with the orange Destiny 

The day that I dread the most has finally arrived, I finally come to the point where I managed to get to the point where I have completed the construction of this RG kit. Although it is not my wish to complete it this quickly, I know that I have an obligation to my readers of this blog complete and see it through towards the end.

This is why for me to finally complete this final part of the process, I will now give you guys my final thoughts on this RG 1/144 Gunpla EXPO ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam Heine Westenfluss Custom kit.

Since I have written the history bit of both the normal version of the Destiny and the Heine’s Destiny you can simply just refer to my previous review here (for the normal variant) and here (for the Heine’s variant) to know more of the history and development of this badass MS.

So with that said and done, let us now go to the review segment straight away, shall we?

The Review

A Heine completed

If there is one thing that I could say here which would perfectly encapsulate my overall experience with building this kit is probably that my experience of building this Gunpla EXPO RG Destiny Gundam isn’t any different to the time I’ve built the regular retail version last year.

So you might be wondering, why do I bother writing a review for this kit if my overall experience of working on this to be no different than my previous take on the RG Destiny? Well, there is a good reason for that and that is because all the experience that I accumulated through previously, helped me to ensure that this kit looked better than the one that I built last year and not to mention it as well enhances my building experience here.

The experience that I had from building it last yeara helped me to pinpoint exactly which part of this kit that I should be giving extra attention too. This ensures that there are fewer screwups that happened this time around with this particular build. Which actually does make for a very pleasant building experience overall for me here, if I were, to be honest.

Dem cute Heine's feet
I still love spending time staring at this clown shoes of the RG Destiny
Heine's leg
I have never imagined having decals on it made it look really awesome

It is still a kit that I still do find to be beginner-friendly since the kit is by far the easiest RG kits out there if you are thinking of picking one up. It as well should be said that since most of the parts are gated quite well, the nubs and sprues here are quite easy to deal with here. Even though there are some sections here and there where you might find the nubs are a bit challenging to deal with, however, it is something that I don’t think someone’s that is new to this line-up would find to be too much of a hassle to deal with. Especially to those that have some Gunpla building experience under their belts.

Another thing that I love about this kit is how RG Destiny’s parts as well looked like here. Because quite frankly the one thing here that this RG kit got right is its overall design of it. From the details that are seen here on the whole kit, all the way to its beautiful orange color scheme. But this is only made possible by the fact that most of these kits’ good looks was inherited from the retail version.

Heine's cute waist unit
I love how Heine’s waist unit looked, but
A Hiene almost completed
I’m more of a fan of how it all looked when you have them all put together

I’m as well a fan of this kit’s articulation of this kit. The thing that I loved so much about this RG kit is that you can pull off some incredible poses here without actually stressing out the RG Heine Destiny’s joints too much. This incredible feat is only made possible due to the excellent way that the original Retail version’s RG Frame was designed to be used here.

Although the kit inherited all the good positive things from the Retail version, it as well inherited all the bad ones, for an instance, if we take a look back at the articulation of this kit. Because eventhough the kit can articulate its joints well, but it does come at a great cost. In which if you go through my previous review, you know that the main issue that this kit has is on its overly heavy backpack unit. The heavy backpack unit made the kit becomes back heavy, which in turn causes the kit to unable to stand properly. This, in turn, forces me to get a stand for me to be able to pose the kit properly.

Heine's head
This might be the best panel lining work that I have done on an RG Destiny’s head before.
heine's cute backpack unit
The foil stickers here is probably one of the worst things about this kit to date

Another annoying thing that this kit inherited from the retail version is the stickers. Yes admittedly most of the decals stickers look somewhat great on the kit (which I will elaborate further later), but the problem that I encounter here with both this version and the Retail variant is that it doesn’t seem like the silver foil stickers was made to actually stick onto the surface of the plastic for this kit.

Up until today I still don’t understand what goes through Bandai’s mind when they decided to use DEGRADABLE NONSTICK SILVER FOIL STICKERS on to the RG Destiny parts. Because frustratingly I have to learn the hard way that none of these Bandai produced stickers worked as intended and worse still that after while some of the silver foil stickers start to deteriorate quite quickly especially if you decided to use them on moveable parts. This is why it is best for you to just stick to just painting the part up instead of using these stickers.

heine's weapons
The most fun I have is here is assembling them weapons while putting them awesome decals on them

Yes even though I knew of this problem before coming into this build, But admittedly that I was just curious to see if they actually made any improvements on the stickers to make it work better on this Gunpla EXPO version of the RG Destiny kit. But unfortunately, they didn’t.

Oh speaking on not making any improvements on the decals, the thing that we here find to be the most unacceptable thing that they have done here is that they didn’t do any changes to the RG Destiny’s decal design for this Gunpla EXPO version. Why is that an issue, you may ask? Well, the reason being is that the white decals of the retail version that they decided to include here with this RG kit don’t work well on the Orange color scheme of this RG Heine Destiny kit. Well, more specifically the orange color scheme overpowers the white decals, which does make it almost close to impossible for one to actually see. This is something that we here do find to be quite frustrating since some of the design of the decals for this RG kit looked really awesome.

An Orange Destiny completed Ver.RG

Regardless, even despite all those problems that I just stated here. I do find myself mostly undeterred by em. Because the fact of the matter is, even though this is basically the same RG Destiny with only changes made on its color scheme, ultimately is a very forgiving kit to those which is new to the hobby and not to mention it is as well a really fun kit to spend their whole week on.

I would highly recommend fans of the Heine version to pick this up if you are lucky enough to stumble upon one, but to non-fans, well…just get the normal version, you’d be better off. Since one it is cheaper and secondly, at least you can see the awesome details of the RG Destiny’s sticker decals on it.

A Heine completed
An RG kit with alot of awesome almost invisible decals on it. Am proud of ho this kit turned out but I’m not proud on how the silver foil stickers looked here

With that ends the review for the Gunpla EXPO RG 1/144 ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam Heine Westennfluss Custom (RG). What do you think of both the kit and the review for this Gunpla EXPO RG kit? Do you share the same thoughts with us or do you think that this kit could’ve been better? I’m a bit sad to have finally come to the endpoint here with this RG kit because I have always found myself having fun building the RG Destiny and to be honest, I wished that I could stretch the time longer so I could really enjoy putting it together slowly.

But I know there are still alot of kits in my backlog that needs my attention, so, for now, I shall divert my attention to them. Maybe I will find another that would be a gem.

Anyways, we will be back again with more new gunpla related posts this coming Tuesday Thursday and Saturday! So do look forward to that!

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We hope by sharing our love and passion for gunplas here, it’ll inspire you to pick up the hobby or reignite your love for gunpla!

Anyways, we shall see all of you again next week, and we hope that you all have an awesome week and weekend ahead! Have an awesome Gunpla building time there as well and until next time!


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