Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.187


Mg Astray Red Frame Galore! 

HELLO! We are back!

In today’s 187th edition of our Let’s Talk Gunpla segment, we will be taking a look at some of the new announcements made by P-Bandai on an MG kit that is by now, we feel that is one of the most over milked Gunpla frames to date. One that is as over milked than the Unicorn apparently…

We feel like by giving that particular clue (and by seeing the thumbnail for this post), we are sure you guys are by now already made aware of what kit that we are talking about here.

So without further ado, let us now get into it, shall we?

MG 1/100 Flight Unit Expansion for Gundam Astray Red Frame 

MG 1/100 Flight Unit Expansion for Gundam Astray Red Frame

Release Date: 2020/08

Estimated price: JPY 2,200* (MYR RM 89.75* / USD $ 20.42* / EUR € 18.82*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation
Finally, we can have the MG Astray equipped with the flight unit

To those that have owned both the retail version of the MG Red Frame kai and the P-Bandai MG Normal Red Frame, Rejoice! Because now P-Bandai has finally decided to release the Flight Unit Expansion unit for all.

When I say for all, well what I actually mean is if you are lucky enough to find or snag one yourself that is. Because since this is a P-Bandai kit, getting one really depends on your luck I suppose, haha.

Luck that we hope that we would have lots of since we are interested in getting this for our MG Astray Kai

Regardless, of that fact, we here do think that this is a good addition to the MG Astray line-up. We are quite glad to see P-Bandai designed the MG Astray Flight unit to fit the overall look of the MG Astray Red Frame. Because seeing how they went all out with some of the recent MG SEED kits you kind of worried that they would do the same here, but we are glad to see that they restrained themselves from going insane with the design.

But one does wonder if they would include proper decals for the flight unit? Because from what we are seeing here we aren’t seeing any decals plastered on it. It would be nice if they were to place some decals on it like what we see on the Metal Build version of the Astray’s Flight unit.

For something that looks this badass, it would be a damn shame if they didn’t have special decals for it

Eventhough this is all good news for the existing owners of the MG Astray, is there anything for those that haven’t owned any of the MG Astray variants?

Well, worry not, because of P-Bandai as well have that covered with the release of…..

MG 1/100 MBF-P02 Astray Red Frame w/ Flight unit (MG)

MG 1/100 MBF-P02 Astray Red Frame w/ Flight unit (MG)

Release Date: 2020/08

Estimated price: JPY 7,150* (MYR RM 291.68* / USD $ 66.37* / EUR € 61.15*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation
The MG Astray Flight Unit that comes with extra bits

Yes,  to those that haven’t owned any of the MG Astray Red Frame Variants, P-Bandai as well made something for you too.

Because besides the flight unit expansion, P-Bandai as well decided to release the MG Astray with the flight unit included together with this kit. Which good to those that are considering getting the MG Astray Red Frame?

Although from what we are seeing here, it doesn’t seem like this is just a simple MG Astray kit with the flight unit included in. Because as we take a closer look at the promotional pictures that is provided here, it looks like P-Bandai as well added one additional item exclusive to this particular release.

What additional items that was included here you may ask? Well, that would be this

A weapon from another MS’s head

Admittedly, seeing this we here do find this to be both a hilarious and badass weapon addition for the MG Astray, but at the same time, looking at this one can’t help to wonder if Bandai has any plans to release the normal variant of the BuCUE in an MG form?

All in all, we all here do think that this minor addition to this MG Astray variant does make the prospect of getting another MG Astray variant to be quite enticing, to us all here if we were, to be honest.

It’s just that, for something that costs this much for an old MG Astray frame…that might be a bit too much for one to justify getting another. This not taking into consideration the P-Bandai tax that it might be slapped on the kit.

Although the thought of getting a completely new astray is nice, however, all we really wanted is to do is just to pose our existing MG Astray like this. So we don’t really need a whole new MG Astray for that.

That is why, even though we do like this version of the MG Astray, we think that we would just stick with the flight unit expansion. At least that is something that we here don’t mind spending our hard-earned cash on.

With that concludes today’s 187th edition of our Let’s Talk Gunpla segment! What do you think of these P-Bandai Gunpla release announcements? Are you looking forward to these two P-Bandai Gunpla releases? These we think are quite interesting announcements made by P-Bandai this week. Although we do wish that they stop releasing new Red Frame variants by now.

Though we do wish that they would start releasing the Gold Frame Amatsu Mina for the MG line up instead.

Anyways, we will be back again with more new gunpla related posts in this coming Friday. So do look forward to that!

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We hope by sharing our love and passion for gunplas here, it’ll inspire you to pick up the hobby or reignite your love for gunpla!

Anyways, we shall see all of you again on Friday, and we hope that you all have an awesome day and week ahead! Oh as well please do have an awesome Gunpla building time there and until next time!


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