Plamo Tool Review: Gundam Marker GM302 [200] Dark Grey


Finally, it is done.

This is a review that is long overdue, it was something that I’ve planned for last week’s Thursday segment. However, as you may have already known, the delay of the HGUC TR-1 [Hazel II} review forces me to push this review to today instead.

You might be wondering why I decided to not just publish this on that Monday instead? Well, that is mostly due to the fact that this review itself was still quite far from done and not to mention I wasn’t in the right state of mind to be doing the editing or to be publishing the review at the time.

So after the work was done on the HG TR-2 [Hazel II]’s review and as well after having it published last week, I could finally put all my focus and attention in working on this review and with the review done. I think it is a good time to finally let this one out of the bag as well. So without further ado let us get into it, shall we?

Let me now take the time to talk about my experience using the Gundam Marker GM302 [200] Dark Grey.


Because after going through one MG, one RG, and now one HG I could finally give you my thoughts and opinions on this particular Gundam marker.

You might be wondering, what is so interesting about a Gundam marker, and why this particular one? Well, let me first start this with a story, because a few months back, I found myself in a pickle, that I finally finished my Tamiya Panel Line Accent Paint.

Which is why before it ran out, I decided to head out to get its replacement, well basically I was just going to be getting the Tamiya one again, since I was quite comfortable using it. However, I found myself hitting a massive roadblock, that none of the hobby stores that I frequent to had any stock of the Tamiya Panel Line Accent paints. Even the one and only Tamiya Flagship stores in Malaysia didn’t have it in stock, I even went as far to go and look for it online, but to no avail, since none of the viable stores that could send the thing within the same week had it in stock as well.

This, in turn, forces me to go out to find a suitable substitute for it as soon as I can. I tried a few brands here and there to try to find a suitable replacement for the Tamiya Panel Line Accent, but nothing that I tried was really managed to be as good it. I was starting to feel a bit discouraged by the fact that I was still unable to find a good replacement for the Tamiya Panel Line Accent

The MG Barbie was the first kit that used the marker on, and as you can see here the result speaks for itself really…it looked like I was still using the Tamiya Panel Line Accent paint

Well, everything started to change as soon as I came across this, the Mr.Hobby developed Gundam Marker line up model GM302[200] Dark Grey marker. The one, panel liner marker, that I find to be the next best thing to use if you are looking for a viable alternative to your Tamiya Panel Line Accent paints.

Because just like the Tamiya Panel Line paint, the GM302[200] paint is actually pretty easy to use (just like the Tamiya Panel Line Accent Paint and the rest of the other panel liner markers that I’ve used if I were, to be honest). you just point to where you want it to be, and voila you have that part panel lined.

Another thing that I notice here is that the panel line work that I put down using the GM302[200] is really clean. The end result was so clean that I admit that I was quite surprised by it. Looking at it made me feel like this is a good panel line marker for those looking to only create some clean panel line work on their respective kits. Although I would even go as far as to say that at certain areas the GM302[200] does a better job at bringing out the finer details on the parts better than the Tamiya Panel Line Accent Paint.

In which I admit that I was really quite impressed by it.

Another thing that I really like about this GM302[200] is the fact that I find this to be less ‘acidic’ when compared to the Tamiya Panel Line Accent. Because even if I do decide to be a bit overzealous with the GM302[200] paint on the uncoated part, I do find the part to not immediately show signs of breaking or cracking. Which if you were to be overzealous with the Tamiya Panel Line Accent, you will find that it is alot more unforgiving to the uncoated part.

But even with that said, it is not recommended that you use this on uncoated parts, please do coat your kits before doing so. Although if you are planning to do so regardless of my advice, well just try to not be too overzealous at applying the paint on the said part if you want to. Or better yet, just get a normal Gundam Marker Panel line GM01 and use it on your uncoated parts.

In some ways I find the Marker to do a really good job, especially on small overly detailed kits like the RG line up. The marker really flushes out the detail really well here. I would even go as far as to say that the GM302[200] is the best panel line to use if you are working on an RG kit.

But what I here find it even more impressive is that for only RM 12.00 (USD $ 2.79* / EUR € 2.57*) you do get something that works as well as something that would cost you RM 30.00 (USD $ 6.97* / EUR € 6.42*) to get. That is something that I really didn’t expect to see with something this cheap. I mean I worked with the Gundam Markers for quite a bit and they have been mostly a hit and miss with me, then again since they are cheap paints, that is kind of expected. But this one particular Gundam Marker has been mostly a hit with me, which something that I found to be quite unexpected. It almost felt like a steal this.

However, eventhough there is ALOT of advantages of using this over the Tamya’s Panel line Accent. But it is not to say that all is perfect here, there is something here and there that might not be too good when you stack it up against the Tamiya Panel Line Accent Paint.

For one, I do find that the paint is a bit too light. What I mean by this is that, let’s just say that you decided to apply paint on a surface where it has a section that is fully exposed while the other covered, if you are using the Tamiya Panel Line Accent you will find that cleaning the extra bits on that part will be a bit easier since the Tamiya paints are quite thick so It won’t come off too easily when you are cleaning it. However if you were to do the same using the GM302 [200], well, you better be prepared to repaint (or re-panel-line) the surface again because if you are not careful, you will end up taking some of the paint away as well, which is something that I had to do alot of times here, actually.

Another unfortunate thing that I encounter during my time with the paint is that, unlike the Tamiya Panel Line Accent Paints, where you can as well use it to weather some parts of the kit by giving it that ‘oil stain’ effect on the part that you apply the paint on. This is a great addition to those that are looking to make their kits look ‘grittier’ than normal.

However, you can’t do the same thing here with the GM302[200] paint. Why? Well, like it mentioned before it was mostly got to do with the fact that the paint is quite light here with this marker. Which only makes it suitable to be used only to panel line your kit, that’s about it.

Which is great, if that is all you are looking to be doing with this.

HG Hazel II
Even in my very recent work, I found myself really impressed by the GM302[200], I admit that the marker is looking to be really impressive overall. Although do take note that as long you are careful in cleaning the residue, you will most definitely end up with a kit with a really good panel like work done

Which brings me to the end of this particular review, I freakking love this thing. It’s cheap and it’s awesome, there is just so much to love here. Eventhough it might not be as versatile as the Tamiya Panel Line Accent, but all you want to do is to create clean panel line work on your kit, well this is something that I would highly recommend for you to get.

This might be the first time I worked on something that is cheap and not find myself disappointed by it. Maybe I should give all those cheap modeling tools a try to see if they would blow my mind as to how the GM302[200] did.

Anyways, we will be back again with more new gunpla related posts in this coming Thursday and Saturday! So do look forward to that!

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Anyways, we shall see all of you again on Friday, and we hope that you all have an awesome day and week ahead! Oh as well please do have an awesome Gunpla building time there and until next time!


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