Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.201

Finally, we get to talk about last week’s retail releases. 

Hello! We are back!

In today’s 201st edition of our Let’s Talk Gunpla segment, we will finally be taking a look at some of the new Retail Gunpla offerings that was made recently. 

Interestingly enough, even though several announcements was made. But today we would only focus on those that we haven’t covered on in this segment and those that we here find to be the most interesting releases out of the rest. 

So without further ado, let us get into it, shall we? 

HG 1/144 XXXG-01H Gundam Heavyarms (HGAC)

Release Date: October 2020

Estimated price: JPY 1,275 (MYR RM 50.73* / USD $ 11.94* / EUR € 10.51*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation

With the release of the HGAC Sandrock Gundam, we weren’t at all that surprised to see this getting the light of day. But admittedly as we sit here looking at this announcement we all here started to feel like this is a good indication that Bandai will continue releasing all the other Gundam variants from the Wing series.  

Even with that said, we are pleasantly surprised to see Bandai decided to use the ‘anime’ version design for the HGAC Heavyarms. We thought seeing how popular the MG variant design was, we assumed that they would be more interested in re-using that version for its HGAC kit.

But we are really glad that they decided to go for the anime version design for the HGAC Heavvyarms. Because it has been quite a while since we see this design getting the Gunpla treatment. The last time Bandai used this design for a gunpla kit, it was back with the No-Grade 1/144 kit. That is why most of us here that had the experience with building the No-Grade Heavyarms kit, do feel like the HGAC Heavyarms gives out a very strong No-Grade Heavyarms feel to it. 

But obviously, this is not a shot to shot recreation of that No-Grade design. Because this version is most definitely is the more detailed version of the two. But creating something detailed isn’t the only thing that Bandai did here, no. Because from what we can see here, it is clear to us that they improved the parts separation for the HGAC Heavyarms and the design of each part as well. 

This is most definitely one HGAC kit that we are most looking forward to getting. We are looking forward to seeing more of this kit when it’s released this coming September.

HG 1/144 Unknown Gundam Build Divers: ReRise Astray variant (HGBD: R)

Release Date: October 2020

Estimated price: JPY 1,700 (MYR RM 67.64* / USD $ 15.92* / EUR € 14.01*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation

This is an interesting one because we remembered seeing this announced for retail and wondered, did someone in P-Bandai lost a bet to someone on the retail side? Because man, this one of the best new designs that we’ve seen from the 2nd Season Gundam Build Divers: ReRise kits. 

Just like the Astray No-Name (which is funny considering that this version is as well doesn’t have an official name yet), the looks for this yet unnamed Astray Gundam Build Diver: ReRise kit isn’t the only thing that made us drool ourselves silly. Because from what we can see here, there are a lot that is done here to make it interesting for both fans or non-fans of the anime, like for instance, the Gundam Build Divers: ReRise Unnamed Astray variant weapons designs and its gimmicks. This is one of the things that we here find to be one of the most interesting aspects of the kit. Because it does take alot of inspirations from the No-Name Astray’s weapons design and improve upon it by making it not imbedded to the MS itself completely but instead to its detachable armor. 

Yes, unlike the No-Name Astray, this Unnamed HGBD: R Astray variant looks like it comes with a detachable armor unit. Which is quite interesting, because it does make us wonder if Bandai plans to release different armor sets too for this kit. Quite frankly we wouldn’t be all that surprised if they do. But admittedly we are more interested to see how the Unnamed HGBD: R Astray looked under all of that extra armor.

Another thing that we liked about this particular announcement is this kit’s color scheme. Yes, we are aware from looking at all the promotional pictures that we have been treated to so far is just a CG rendition of the final look. But we do hope that the kits come out exactly in that color scheme, because man, the color tones that they used here really made the kit look incredibly sexy.

Oh before we forget, beneath all that awesomeness, they still managed to cram in a transformation feature on the kit. Although there is no promotional pictures for that, which we suspect might be due to Sunrise wanted to reveal that in the anime, we do appreciate that the fact that they still managed to cram that system in on a kit that already looked badass.

This ultimately is the kind of kit we feel is the kind of kit that would make anyone no matter if you are a fan of the anime or not, to want to own this piece of badass gunpla kit.

Because it manages to make non-fans like us want to add this piece of beautiful plastic art into our collection in our Homebase. 

With that concludes today’s 199th edition of our Let’s Talk Gunpla segment! What do you think of these P-Bandai release announcements? Are you looking forward to these P-Bandai releases? Finally, after going around talking about all the new P-Bandai kits announcements, it is nice to be able to talk about the retail kits that was recently announced. 

We here do find it quite interesting that we are seeing alot of very interesting kits being slotted for release in the coming months from both the Retail and the P-Bandai side. Which does make us wonder if this is just the start of more awesomeness coming our way? 

Anyways, we will be back again with more new gunpla related posts next week, starting on Monday! So do look forward to that!

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We hope by sharing our love and passion for gunplas here, it’ll inspire you to pick up the hobby or reignite your love for gunpla!

Anyways, we shall see all of you again on Friday, and we hope that you all have an awesome day and week ahead! Oh as well please do have an awesome Gunpla building time there and until next time!


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