Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.218

Finally, a return of the MG GWBC kit lineup

HELLO! We are back! 

In today’s 218th edition of our Let’s Talk Gunpla segment, we will be taking the time to talk about one very fascinating P-Bandai release announcement. Funnily enough, P-Bandai announced this at the same time that we were still discussing the two F00 Grandpas yesterday.

So, without further ado, let us get into it, shall we?

MG 1/100 Strombringer Gundam Full Armor / GM Turbulence (MG)

Release Date: November 2020
Estimated price: JPY 6,750 (MYR RM 248.21* / USD $ 59.27* / EUR € 50.34*)
*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation

It has been quite a while since P-Bandai announced any new MG GWBC kits, so it was quite a pleasant surprise to see P-Bandai do have something good in store for us all this week. 

Looking at this, we knew that this was an announcement made specifically for those that aren’t at all interested in getting the F00 Grandpa, like us. 

Because we found ourselves more excited about this particular release than the ones that we talked about in our previous segment. Funny on how that works. 

Anyways, the announcement for this MG release isn’t the only thing that we are pleasantly surprised to see, because there is alot to love here from what we can see, most notably, the MG Stormbringer FA’s looks. 

Well, technically, since the MG Stormbringer FA retains many of the same badass looks of the original version, of course, we would be saying that.  

But because they went for the MSV FA Gundam color scheme for this version, somehow they managed to make something that already looked pretty awesome, looks a hell of alot better here. 

But as you all can see through the promotional picture, that isn’t the only thing that made this kit attractive to all of us here. 

There is the matter of minor changes and additions made to the kit. Because for the FA version, it had a cannon unit and a sensor unit attached on MG Stormbringer’s backpack unit instead of the beam saber racks of the previous version. From the looks of it, it does looks like a highly modified version of the FA Gundam’s Backpack Beam cannon system. 

Quite frankly, the beam backpack cannon attachment on the back of the Stormbringer FA does look like a proper homage to the MSV FA Gundam’s. 

There is as well the fact that you could convert the Stormbringer FA into the GM Turbulence. Yes, you heard us right, P-Bandai included in the MG GM Dominance’s head unit here, and they as well included one set of a slightly upgraded version of the GM Dominance shoulder armor pieces here. 

Yes, eventhough we are a HUGE fan of how the Stormbringer FA looked, but here find ourselves more in love with the badass GM Turbulance’s look. 

Because the GM Turbulence looked more like the FA version of the GM Dominance than the Stormbringer FA is. 

Yes, we are quite enthusiastic about this particular P-Bandai MG release, and we do hope that it is as good as it looks. 

May it be as good, or better, than its original release. 

Anyways, with that concludes today’s our 218th Let’s Talk Gunpla post. We are finally glad to see P-Bandai announcing something good to end the week. 

We do look forward to getting this version of the Stormbringer, we were quite, unfortunate, to miss the original version’s release, and we hope that we would have a stroke of much better luck securing this kit than we did with the previous version. 

Regardless, what do you guys think of this P-Bandai Gunpla release announcement after reading our thoughts on this and as well after seeing more of all of it? We do look forward to reading and replying to all of your thoughts on this one P-Bandai Gunpla release announcement. So don’t be shy to write on your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below. 

Anyways, we will be back again this coming Saturday with more Gunpla related posts for this blog. 

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We hope that by sharing our love and passion for building and writing about both gunplas and plamos here, that it’ll help inspire you to keep on building or help to reignite that lost passion for the hobby. 

Anyways, we shall see all of you again soon, and we hope that you all here have an awesome day and week ahead! Oh as well, please do have an excellent time building your awesome gunplas there and until next time!


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