MG 1/100 GNX-603T GN-X (MG) Review

A fun little MG kit that almost became a great MG kit.

After completing the MG GN-X quite recently, I have been looking forward to spending time finalizing my thoughts on this MG kit. 


Well, that is because the MG GN-X is a kit that I would quite honestly say is one of my favorite MG kits to date. However, quite unfortunately, it does have a few issues that held it back into becoming one of the best MG kits to date.

But before I elaborate more on this, let us first talk about the lore of this badass mass-produced MS. 

The history and development of the GNX-603T GN-X 

  • Model name:  GNX-603T
  • Classification: Mass Production General-Purpose Mobile Suit
  • Weapon systems: GN Beam Rifle, GN Long Rifle, GN Beam Saber, GN Shield, GN Vulcan, GN Claw 
  • Height: 19.0 m
  • Armour Material: E-Carbon
  • Powerplant: GN Drive Tau
  • Total Thrust: Unknown
  • Effective Sensor Radius: Unknown
  • Crew: 1 pilot 

The humiliation that was endured by the three multinational power blocs during the Celestial Beings Armed interventions forced them to combine all of their military might to combat the superior technological prowess of the Celestial Being’s Gundams. Hence the creation of the United Nations Forces. 

Combined with the additional help from Alejandro Corner, in which was the one that provided the World Governments with the GN Drive Taus and the MS Test data taken from the GNX-509T Throne Varanus project, helped to develop an MS that would be able to take on the Celestial Beings 5 Gundams. 

That MS is the GNX-603T GN-X, the MS that helped to put a stop to the Celestial Being’s unchecked rampage and as well helped to unite the world under a single banner. 

What makes this MS unique when compared to all the other existing MS’s from all the other power blocs that was in service at the time is that the GN-X design was based 100 percent on the data taken from the Throne Varanus project. That may explain why the GN-X looked nothing like what was in service at the time.

But even with that said, as a single machine, the GN-X specifically isn’t all that impressive. Because when compared even to all the 3rd Generation Celestial Being MS (Which was the ones used during their armed Interventions), it doesn’t perform well enough to take on any of the more advanced 3rd Generation Celestial Being MS’s at the time. 

However, unlike the Celestial Being, the UN forces have something that Celestial Being doesn’t, which is numbers. Because the GN-X was proven to be the most effective against the Celestial Being MS’s team when operated in large groups. 

Because even though it may not be better performance-wise, but it was vastly a much better machine when compared to any of their existing arsenals. Not to mention the UN Forces as well had alot more experianced MS pilots on their side, which was as well one of the reasons why the GN-X performed so well in combat. 

The GN-X continued to see service up until AD 2312, which then was finally replaced by its successor, the GN-X III.

The Review

I’ve always thought that one of the keys to a great kit is when you find yourself smiling like an idiot after completing the said kit.

Eventhough I do find myself smiling like an idiot towards the end of my time with this MG kit, unfortunately enough, I wouldn’t consider the MG GN-X to be a great kit.

And I would be more than glad to take the time to explain why. 

Let’s start with the positives first. 

Because for one, the MG GN-X is probably one of those MG kits that I had alot of fun building. It’s one of those MG kits that perfectly combines both the fun factor and challenge all in one package. For example, because this is an old MG kit, the nubs here are a bit tricky to deal with, due to some of the nub’s locations. However, as long as you are patient enough to deal with the issues in hand slowly, you will find yourself well rewarded for it. 

So you might be wondering, so what makes that fun then?

Well, that would be the whole process of doing so. Because even though it was a pain to deal with, but the result was so satisfying that you ended up finding yourself having fun. Plus, due to its color scheme, even if you did manage to screw it up, the color scheme of some of the parts would help to hide the mistake for you. 

The other thing that I loved about this kit is just how they managed to make something that had a very complicated feature/gimmicks look so simple. What I meant by this is when you take a closer look at the entirety of the MG GN-X’s inner frame system and by how they designed the whole thing to work with the outer frame. They kept the design as simple as they could here so that it might not get in the way of everything else. In which, in turn, made the whole thing has a discreetly sophisticated system.

Quite honestly, this might be one of the most sophisticated and one of the most unique MG inner frames that I’ve had the pleasure of working on for a long time. I loved spending all the time that I could spare just for me to experience how everything works here. 

That is something that I would admit is a feeling that I missed experiencing with alot of the modern MG kits nowadays. Not to mention too, this is probably one of the best looking MG kits that I had the pleasure of building, as well. 

Reading all these positives about the MG GN-X may lead you into believing that all of this sounds quite promising, right? Well, we are now finally getting into the bit that managed to let the whole experience down a bit for me, which is the articulation. 

Because although I had a lot of fun working on this badass kit, however, the same can’t be said as I worked on trying to pose the MG GN-X. 


Well, that is mostly due to some of the problems with the MG GN-X’s joints, well, if we were to be more specific, that would be issues that I encounter with the MG GN-X’s joints on its binders and feet unit, which I found to be quite weak.

Yes, the two main features that make this kit unique are the parts that cause so many issues for me, which as well, one of the many reasons why building this kit has taken more time than what I deem to be necessary for an MG kit like this. 

But if it wasn’t for some of you that have been following my progress, I might not have mentally and physically prepared for it if it wasn’t for you guys informing me here. Thanks to that, I managed to resolve the issue much quicker than I would normally.

But I do feel for those that had to go through it without any warning because that shit is quite annoying, to be honest. 

Because seeing the kit stumbling to stand on its own without support, while the binders keep falling apart without any warning, is quite annoying. Yes, I could as well skip all that hard work by getting this kit a stand, but seeing that I’m running out of space, that isn’t a good idea. Not to mention, I’m not a fan of completely gluing shut the binders as well, since by doing that, it may limit the MG GN-X’s posing ability.

Honestly, I do understand some of the design choices that they’ve made here, but one would expect that the Bandai’s QC department to at least made sure that the sections are stiff enough for it to sustain itself. But no, they thought that we would be ok with that shit tier joints.

Even despite that said, I still love this kit. Yes, the issues are quite annoying to have to deal with, but then again, there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ kit. Having to deal with issues is what makes it fun. 

But admittedly, the issues that I had to deal with are one of the reasons why sadly, I mentioned earlier this kit isn’t great. But is it a good fun MG kit? Oh, hell, YES. 

So, would this MG kit be something I recommend? And the answer to that would be a definite, yes. But due to some of the issues that encounter here, I would only recommend this kit to the more experianced builders, not total beginners. 


Well, even though a beginner builder could learn how to deal with the issues by using the MG GN-X as a learning tool, but it is not something that I would recommend, considering you can do so with using the much cheaper HGUC kits or first-grade kits for that. 

Plus learning to perfect the technique that you learn on smaller scaled kits would help you when you graduate to have to deal with the problem on bigger scaled ones. 

So, if you are a beginner builder, please do consider skipping this one before you are confident enough to deal with the issues mentioned. 

Because honestly, you don’t want to end up turning this beautiful MG kit into a brick, because we know that is not what you want to have displayed in your house, and it is a future that I hope you’ll avoid.

Why? Well, that is because I’ve screwed enough times with other MG kits to be able to say that with confidence. That’s why I know. 

Anyways, with that concludes my review of the MG 1/100 GNX-603T GN-X (MG). Overall, this is a good, fun MG kit. Yes, it might not be perfect, but it is one that I had alot of fun building.

As I move on to the next project, I do hope that I would have as much fun building the RG Eva-01 as I did here. 

Regardless, what do you guys think of this MG kit review after reading my thoughts on this kit and as well after reading more of my overall experience of it? We do look forward to reading and replying to all of your thoughts on this review. So don’t be shy to write on your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below. 

Anyways, we will be back again this coming Saturday with more Gunpla related posts for this blog. 

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