Unboxing and First Impressions of RG 1/144 ZGMF-X56S/α Impulse Gundam (RG)

Finally, I got you in my arms.

Out of all the kits that I have here at my disposal, the RG Impulse might be the kit that took me the longest to get. 


Regardless, besides the RG Eva-01 that I’m currently working on, the RG Impulse is another RG kit that I’m looking forward to getting my hands on for this year.  

Well, thanks to the current COVID-19 situation, of course. 

So without further ado, let me run you through my first-time experience unboxing this RG kit and as well give you my first impressions of this RG kit, shall we?

Release Date: Late April 2020
Retail price: JPY 2,700 (MYR RM 106.15* / USD $ 25.48* / EUR € 21.36*)
*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation

Let’s start by first talking about the RG Impulse’s badass looking boxart. 

Because eventhough I was a HUGE fan of the RG EVA-01’s boxart, but after seeing this, I have to admit that the RG Impulse CG illustration takes the cake of a badass looking boxarts for 2020 so far for me. 

Even though the visual format for this box art is the same, but we’re quite impressed by how they managed to make my favorite and one that I was most familiar with, SEED MS design looking like a real badass here. Admittedly I do think this is an impressive feat especially considering, that I’ve seen and owned a few Impulse variants boxarts before and this, manages to be as good as the others.

Great job there, Bandai.

But the RG Impulse boxart isn’t the only thing that I was impressed with because the RG Impulse packaging’s side section is as well is as impressive as the boxart. It’s something that we here find it to be quite informative and as well managed to be quite an entertaining bit to go through. I’m as well quite impressed by how awesome the would be kit looked here. 

We wouldn’t be surprised if the one would decide to get this kit based on what he/she sees on this RG Impulse’s packaging alone. That is how good the RG Impulse’s packaging is.

However, I do notice something is making its return from the RG Eva-01 that we here are not a fan of, and that is the lack of the familiar black inner box.

Yes, unfortunately, you don’t get the ‘RG Signature’ black box with this release as well, which I’m quite sad to see. Which does make me wonder if this is what Bandai is going to do for their future upcoming RG releases or if this is just another of those COVID related problems that caused Bandai to do this? I wonder. 

Regardless, moving on to the actual unboxing, that is where I do find the RG Impulse to be alot more interesting. Because from my observation here, it seems to me that the RG Impulse parts might be similar in terms of size to the RG Crossbones. Which means I have to take things nice and slow here.

I as well noticed that the RG Impulse as well didn’t disappoint in the details department here. Bandai, true to its pattern, they as well made the RG Impulse’s parts looked insanely detailed. But yet, despite their insanity, they still managed to restrain themselves from going overboard with the details. In which does make the whole look to be quite tasteful. Honestly, that is something that I appreciate them doing.

I as well liked the fact that the color scheme of some of the RG Impulse parts is a tad bit brighter when compared to its other variants. Which I admit is nice to see if I were, to be honest.

Now finally, we get to the last bit of this unboxing, the RG Impulse’s manual. Even though I have been having quite a blast unboxing this kit so far, I do admit that I was a bit let down by the RG Impulse’s manual. Because unlike the RG EVA-01’s manual, the RG Impulse’s manual looked plain when compared to the RG EVA-01’s.  

I mean, eventhough the current manual format for the RG Impulse is fine, but at this stage, I was kind of hoping that they would design the manual to be just like what we see with the RG EVA-01.

But even with that said, it is not to say that the RG Impulse’s manual is in any way terrible. Because I do find that the actual content itself is alright for the most part, there are bits here and there that I don’t want to give my opinion on it yet, since I haven’t started work on it. But from my first impressions of it, it does seem to be quite a straight forward, easy to understand manual. 

Yes, it’s a decent RG manual that will fulfill its purpose well. The thing we are just quite bored of it now and was hoping that Bandai would take the extra mile to make RG Gunpla’s manual to be as exciting to go through as the RG Eva’s.

Overall, the RG Impulse is looking to be quite an exciting RG kit. Yes, admittedly, there are a few things that we wished could be better. But even with that said, I’m still looking forward to the day that I finally start work on this badass RG kit.

I have a feeling that this is going to be another RG kit that I would have a blast building. Which is why I’m getting quite eager to start work on this.

With that, ends today’s Unboxing and First impressions post of the RG 1/144 ZGMF-X56S/a Force Impulse Gundam (RG) by yours truly. After unboxing this kit, I do somewhat get why most of the builders that I’ve talked to was in love with this RG kit. From the looks of it, the RG Impulse does have the makings of a great kit. But I do wonder how it would stack up against the RG EVA-01, an RG kit that is slowly becoming my favorite RG kit for 2020. Will it be as good as the RG Eva? Or will it be better? That is something that we hope to discover as soon as we start working on it as soon I complete both the RG EVA-01 and the upcoming MG GM Cold Districts.

It is as well would be quite interesting to hear your thoughts on the unboxing of this MG P-Bandai kit. Do you guys experience the same things that I did here? Or are yours a bit different? It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on it, so don’t hesitate to text us here and have discussions about it. 

We will be back in this coming Thursday with a new Gunpla / plamo related posts, so do look forward to that! 

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We shall see all of you again, and we as well hope that you all here have a splendid day and week ahead! Oh as well, please do have an excellent time building your awesome gunplas there and until next time.


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