Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.250

Now we can return to talk about them other reveals 

HELLO! We are back! 

In today’s 250th segment of our Let’s Talk Gunpla, we will be back talking about one 1/100 retail EXPO 2020 Tokyo reveal that we missed. 

So, without further ado, let us get into it, shall we?

1/100 GAT-X131 Calamity Gundam (Unconfirmed grade release)

Release Date: TBC
Estimated price: JPY TBC
*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation

When we all saw this reveal, we do admit that we all here think that this is a strange one. The reason being for that is because Bandai didn’t indicate to us all what line-up category this 1/100 scaled SEED Gunpla kit we all here would see it released in as.

But amidst all the uncertainties coming from the P-Bandai side, there are alot of speculations and rumors about this 1/100 Calamity Gundam reveal.

Because in the one hand, there are rumors that would suggest that this get an MG treatment, which does look plausible since it does look quite detailed, as detailed as an MG SEED kit. 

But then again, why Bandai didn’t just announce it to be an MG kit? The Ginn got the MG treatment. It does make one wonder why the 1/100 Calamity didn’t get the same treatment as the MG Ginn?

Another theory that is circulating around that we heard is that the 1/100 Calamity would see release as a RE100 release. Just like the MG theory, that as well makes alot of sense to all of us here since the 1/100 Calamity Gundam would make a good RE100 release. However, like the MG theory, why didn’t they just announced the 1/100 Calamity as a RE100 release? Are they afraid of releasing this under an unpopular 1/100 line up that they have to reconsider making that announcement?

We as well heard that Bandai would revive the No-Grade SEED 1/100 line-up so they could specifically release this kit. Honestly, that doesn’t make sense to us at all because the level of detail seen on this kit makes us think that it makes more sense for Bandai to give this an MG release than as a No-Grade SEED 1/100 release. 

All in all, we here do think that it is quite interesting to see Bandai so indecisive on this, and we are really looking forward to seeing its official announcement.

Anyways, let us shift our focus away from that and talk more about what we think about this 1/100 Calamity Gundam. Because man, this is one good-looking 1/100 scaled SEED kit, and most of us here wished that Bandai would consider giving this one a proper MG treatment. 

For something that looked this good, it would be a damn shame if it gets anything less than an MG treatment. 

But regardless, we are just happy that we are getting something from the OMNI side on a 1/100 scale as well. May we continuously get to see more badass 1/100 SEED kits coming our way.

Anyways, that concludes our 250th edition of the Let’s Talk Gunpla segment. Finally, we managed to cover almost all the retail 1/100 scaled kit Gunpla reveal made during the recent Gunpla EXPO 2020 Tokyo event. This coming Saturday, we might finally take the time to talk about the one retail HGUC kit that we all missed. So do look forward to that. We actually planned to tackle both the HG and the 1/100 today, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, we decided to do only the retail 1/100 kit reveal for today.

Anyways, we will be back again this coming Saturday (hopefully) with more Gunpla/ Gundam merch related posts for this blog. So do look forward to that :D!

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We shall see all of you again, and we as well hope that you all here have a splendid day and week ahead! Oh as well, please do have an excellent time building your awesome gunplas there and until next time.


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