Unboxing and First Impressions of MG 1/100 MVF-X08 Eclipse Gundam (MG)

The badass eclipse 

I know, I know, I still have the MG Lunamaria Gunner Zaku Warrior that I’m working on right now, but man, It’s hard for me to resist the temptation of unboxing this as soon as I have it. Especially when I’m starting to feel a bit disappointed with the MG kit that I’m currently working on.   

So without further ado, let us now get into it, shall we? 

The Packaging

Honestly, though, I find myself a bit unimpressed by what I see here. 

Because despite the impressive illustration of the Eclipse Gundam’s two modes on the front of the box, I find it funny that the illustrator managed to make the whole artwork look boring as hell at the same time. 

I mean, I get it that they’re trying not to spoil anything here for the ongoing comic series, but at the very least, the illustrator could have drawn it engaged in some vague action sequence.  

Looking at it, I can understand why I’m seeing so much of the MG Eclipse unsold because I do not think that normies would be that enticed on getting this kit if they based their purchasing decisions on how badass a Gunpla Boxart looked. 

But even with that said, admittedly, at least Bandai did right with the MG Eclipse Gundam’s side section because the MG Eclipse Gundam’s side section is a joy to go through. 

Filled with simple trivia about the MS, you also get to learn more about the capabilities of this kit. Honestly, I did have a lot of fun going through it all. But because of the plain artwork, I truly believe that one has to pick this one up physically and check the side section up to, at the very least, be interested in getting this MG kit. So, if you’re buying this online, I can understand your struggles in deciding if you based your purchase decision on how badass the Boxart looked.

To some of you reading this, you might be wondering why I have a lot of issues with the boxart. I know that to some of you here, I know that this is a non-issue. 

The thing is that sometimes, just going through the promotional materials and research alone isn’t enough to make one inclined into buying the said kit. That is why it is important to have a badass boxart. Because I do believe it helps people, regardless of their skill level, to make that all-important monetary decision.

The Parts

Even though I didn’t have a good start with the MG Eclipse Gundam’s boxart, at the very least, the thing that they got absolutely right here is its contents. 

Because man, all the MG Eclipse Gundam’s insides looked fantastic. And the funny thing about that bit, I wasn’t expecting it to be. 


Well, I figured since this is an MG SEED kit, I was somewhat expecting to see it have parts lazily designed like the MG Lunamaria Gunner Zaku Warrior. 

So imagine my surprise when I opened the MG Eclipse Gundam’s box and saw how elaborately detailed some of the parts were. Yes, I know that this kit shares the same bits for some sections as the MG Freedom Gundam Ver.2.0. But yet, I still find myself impressed by how elaborate some of the bits looked.

But the other thing that I was surprised by here is the MG Eclipse Gundam color scheme. Because despite having seen the promotional materials and gone through the very informative side section, I was surprised to see how the color looked on the actual parts. 

The all the colors on the parts looked absolutely sublime, and best of all, the thick green clear bit actually looked like a beam part. I’m glad to see that it doesn’t look like a HUGE CHEAP GREEN plastic part.

Honestly, I’m pleasantly surprised by how brilliant everything looked here.

The Manual

Even the MG Eclipse’s manual is a joy to go through. The lore part was a joy to go through, and it is nice to learn more about this Eclipse Gundam history. 

Although, admittedly, there are a few bits here and there where I find the English translation done by Bandai to be a bit lacking. And yes, I would also admit that I find myself distracted by all the grammatical mistakes. 

But admittedly, all of those are not enough to deter me from having fun going through all the lore in this manual.

While we are on the matter of having fun reading the lore part of this manual, I also find that even the construction section is a joy to go through. But admittedly, since we have not started work on this kit, it’s hard to say how helpful this manual really is right now. So, I will cover this bit again with the upcoming review. 

Unboxing and First Impressions – Final Thoughts

So far, I admit that after unboxing this MG kit, I’m starting to have a much better impression of it now. I blame my low expectation of the MG Eclipse because I’m still working on MG Lunamaria Custom Gunner Zaku Warrior. 

That is why I’m thankful that I have unboxed this because now I’m starting to feel motivated again to continue working on the MG Lunamaria Gunner Zaku Warrior. So I could move on to this as soon as possible. 

My only hope now is that this kit is as much fun to build as it is to look at right now. 

With that concludes our Unboxing and First Impression post on the MG 1/100 MVF-X08 Eclipse Gundam (MG). Honestly, this kit looked like something that I would have a lot of fun working on here. 

Hopefully, it’ll be the MG SEED kit to revive my love for the newer MG SEED kits. 

Anyways, we will be back again this coming Thursday. Yes, we will only be back again next week, because we will be off for a short holiday this weekend. But we’ll make it up to you all here by releasing more content in the last few weeks of this year. So do look forward to that! 

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Anyways, we shall see all of you again soon, and we as well hope that you all here have a splendid day and week ahead! Oh as well, do have an excellent time building your awesome gunplas there and until next time.


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