Unboxing and First Impressions of RG 1/144 No.36 RX-93-v2 Hi-v Gundam (RG)

Unboxing my most anticipated kit of 2021 in 2022

I’m well aware that it wasn’t that long ago that I published an unboxing and first impressions post in the blog. However, since it is the new year, let us start the year strong with me unboxing one of the RG kits of last year that I am most looking forward to building this year. 

The RG Hi-v Gundam. 

You might be wondering why did I decide to do this unboxing now? Why do I even bother doing the MG Eclipse Unboxing if this is the one that I’m most looking forward to last year on doing? Well, since I already did one for the RG Zeong, I felt at the time that it wasn’t right for me to jump into another RG Unboxing so soon. So that is why I did the MG Eclipse first instead of doing this. 

But even with that said, after I spend the time to go through this unboxing, honestly? I’m starting to feel like I should’ve done an unboxing for this RG kit first instead. 

But before I get ahead of myself here, let us go through the unboxing, and at the same time, I’ll give you guys my first impressions of this RG Hi-v Gundam. 

So, let’s get into it now, shall we?

The Packaging

Since this is an RG kit, I’m not surprised to see Bandai kept the same boxart illustration format. The same boxart illustration format? What do we mean by that? Well, it means that you get the same CG close-up of the Hi-v Gundam’s head unit and the full CG rendition of the completed RG Hi-V Gundam. Exactly like the rest of the other RG releases but with different MS renditions. 

But even with that said, I admit that that simple format used on this RG kit packaging is enough to make anyone interested in getting it. Because man, they really make the Hi-v Gundam look absolutely badass.

And it helps too that Bandai made the side section of the RG Hi-v Gundam box packaging look absolutely exciting. Because if the front side of the box isn’t enough to excite you, we’re sure that the side section will. 


Well, it’s because Bandai filled the side section with badass shots of the RG Hi-v Gundam and all the very informative information that you need to pull the trigger into getting this RG kit. 

The other thing that we noticed while we looked at all the lovely things that Bandai decorated the RG Hi-v Gundam box packaging with here is that the box is thicker than your standard RG v Gundam’s. But, at the same time, the box packaging is shorter too. I find that strange too because I thought the Hi-v Gundam has more parts? And, since it is just another version of the v Gundam, It’ll probably have the same bits here and there. So why then give this kit a shorter box?

Maybe, they figured out that it’ll be better to fit everything in a much thicker box? 

Whatever the reason may be, we admit that it is nice to have something that would fit snuggly in our ever-decreasing living space.

Now, let us now move on to the Unboxing bit. 

The Parts

And just like all the other RG kits, the insides look absolutely fantastic! The level of details seen on most RG Hi-v Gundam’s parts, the beautiful colors that I see on most RG Hi-v Gundam’s runners, and best of all, now I get to finally see how they managed to solve the infamous Hi-v Gundam camo problem. I honestly feel that Bandai really aced it with this release! 

Even though I haven’t started working on this kit, I can already see where they are going with this. But I can’t say yet if the execution of the said solution would work well yet.

Although, admittedly, I finally get now why people are complaining about how bad gold-colored parts looked here. Because man, if there is one thing that Bandai screwed up here, it’s the gold color scheme for some of the RG Hi-v Gundam parts. Honestly, the Gold color scheme that they used here looks horrible. It does make us wonder why they decided to go with this instead of going for flat yellow.

But even with that said, I can say that Bandai still managed to do a damn good job making most of the parts look good. 

Plus, it is interesting to see that despite its slightly shorter box, here they still managed to cram in a lot of parts in here. Although, I do wonder why they decided not to include the Fin Funnel beam effects for the RG Hi-v Gundam for this kit. I know that I could buy the effect parts separately, but wouldn’t it be convenient for them to already include those parts in this release? 

Regardless of my feelings over that matter, admittedly, I’m still excited to see and experience firsthand how everything comes together here! Hopefully, the kit is fun enough to build that I wouldn’t mind that they didn’t include in the beam effects. 

The Manual

Finally, I get to the last bit of this Unboxing and admittedly one of the exciting bits for me to get to here.

However, admittedly, after going through the manual, it seems like Bandai kept the same format here for the manual. What that means is that you have pretty detailed building instruction visuals to aid you with the assembly, and at the same time, they have that weird half English and half Japanese lore section. 

So, yeah, a pretty standard affair. 

Although, I do want to point out the decal section is quite confusing to go through here. Since this is an RG kit, I know that there is a lot of decal work needed to put down if you want your RG kit to look good. But I honestly feel that it would be nice if Bandai dedicates two pages of decal installation instruction with clearer and larger visuals to make life easier for builders. 

But again, I’m not saying you can’t do the decal work with the current visuals, but it would be nice if they were to make life easier for builders. Plus, they could even put in more lore of each decal design too here while they’re at it. It would be nice to know Amuro’s reasons why he decided to go with some of the decal designs for his machine. 

So, yeah, that would definitely be something that I wouldn’t mind having. 

Unboxing and First Impressions – Final Thoughts

Overall, I do feel that this kit does look quite promising. Admittedly, there are some things that I’m bothered with, but it’s not something that I find to be bad enough to take me out from really getting excited with the thought of working on this RG kit. 

But the real question now that I have to discover as I start working on this kit is if the RG Hi-v Gundam has a better building experience than the RG v Gundam. Or will it be more and less the same thing with a new set of clothes? Whatever the answers may be, the one thing that is certain here is that I’m really excited to start work on this one. 

Seeing that the MG Lunamaria Gunner Zaku Warrior is getting close to completion, I know that day will come sooner and later eventually. 

With that concludes our Unboxing and First Impression post on the RG 1/144 RX-93-V2 Hi-v Gundam (RG). What a start for the new year for me, and hopefully, this positivity will continue towards the year. 


Well, that is because it looks like we all are in for another insane rollercoaster ride.

Anyways, we will be back again this coming Saturday (Hopefully) with a new Blogpost! So do look forward to that! 

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