Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.353

Why did they go for orange here? 

HELLO! We are back! 

In today’s 353rd edition of our Let’s Talk Gunpla segment, we will be looking at one of P-Bandai’s latest Gunpla release announcements! Interestingly enough, we are looking at a new kit from the P-Bandai MG F90 A to Z project. But the more interesting thing here to note, this might be the first P-Bandai kit that we find to be quite meh

So, let us get into it, shall we? 

MG OMS-90R Gundam F90 [Mars Independent Zeon Forces Type] (MG)

Release Date: April 2022
Estimated price: JPY 4,950 (MYR RM 180.11* / USD $ 42.75* / EUR € 37.80*)
*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation

Honestly, we are surprised to see this one. Why? Well, that is because we thought that P-Bandai would at the very least wait up until they released all of the F90 mission pack variants before releasing this version of the F90. 

But then again, after we spend a bit of time with this, we can start to see why they decided to do so. 

Because compared to the standard MG F90, we all here feel that this version does look quite plain. Maybe that is the reason that they have this released first? 

Admittedly, yes, it is different, and we commend P-Bandai for keeping the original aesthetic of the Mars Zeon F90 look here. But honestly, we feel like the whole thing looks underwhelming. 

Seriously, there is nothing that we can see to shout about here.

And yes, we are all very disappointed by the plainness of this MG F90 variant. But funnily enough, the manga version looked even more menacing than this. Ultimately, we felt that despite P-Bandai’s best effort, it is clear that they failed to capture the menacing vibe of the Zeon F90 from the F90 Manga. 

But enough of what we feel about the Zeon F90, let us now talk about the MG kit itself, on what is new here. 

Because from what we can see here, it is clear that the MG Zeon F90 shares many of the same bits from the original MG F90. So, what modifications that this version has over the original, you may ask?

Well, you get a new head, shoulder, chest, waist, backpack unit, and leg unit. Not to mention, you get a pretty unique-looking machine gun and a couple of grenades.

And oh, you as well get new waterslide decals. Unfortunately, we do not know yet how the whole decal set looked, but we are pretty sure we would be getting some dope Mars Zeon decals designs here. 

All in all, you do get a lot of new stuff here, and honestly, in theory, it should be selling like hotcakes. But somehow, this kit fails to capture our interest, and if we were, to be honest here, we prefer P-Bandai to announce a new mission pack set instead than this. 

With that concludes our 353rd edition of the Let’s Talk Gunpla segment for today. Not the best start to the year here for the P-Bandai chaps, but we still want to commend them for taking that risk with releasing this kit.

Even though we might not be interested, we are sure there is someone out there that is filled with joy to see P-Bandai finally releasing the version of the F90 that they wanted to have. 

It’s nice to see P-Bandai going out of their way to do that for them. Which honestly? Does make us somewhat miss the time the retail side would do the same for their regular releases. 

Anyways, we will be back again this coming Thursday (hopefully) with a new blog post. So, please do look forward to that! 

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Anyways, we shall see all of you again soon, and we as well hope that you all here have a splendid day and week ahead! Oh as well, do have an excellent time building your awesome gunplas there and until next time.


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