Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.413

Can you hear Jazz and Pop music clashing?

HELLO! We are back! 

In today’s 413th edition of our Let’s Talk Gunpla segment, we will discuss The Gundam Base Limited’s latest Gunpla release announcement. This time it seems like they decided to release a new HG Thunderbolt set to commemorate Gundam Thunderbolt’s 10th anniversary. 

And yes, we are also surprised that it has been ten years since the series’s first debut. 

Anyways, without further ado. Let us get into it, shall we? 

HG 1/144 Gundam Base Limited FA-78 Full Armor Gundam (Thunderbolt Ver.) VS MS-06R High Mobility Zaku (Reuse “P” Device)(aka Psycho Zaku) Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt 10th Anniversary set (HGThunderbolt)

Release Date: 30th September 2022
Estimated price: JPY 6,600 (MYR RM 209.43* / USD $ 46.17* / EUR € 46.10*)
*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation

Honestly, we can’t believe that it has been ten years. I remember getting interested in the Thunderbolt Manga after seeing the badass Manga Boxarts of the first run of the HG Thunderbolt on the Hobby Search website. Well, back when Bandai still allows them to sell Gunplas to the international market, of course. 

Also, the Thunderbolt manga was the first Alternate Universe manga that used the Universal Century as the backdrop of this series. Not to mention one that manages to be as intriguing and intense as the Original series. 

Not to mention, the Thunderbolt manga MS design is one of the most bonkers ones that we’ve seen to date!

So imagine our sadness when Bandai stopped releasing new HG Thunderbolt kits.

But there is hope, it seems, because of this Gunpla set. 


Because if this set sells well in Japan or the rest of the world, it will indicate to Bandai that there is still demand out there for a new HG Thunderbolt kit, especially when there are still a lot of very badass MS designs from the series that have yet seen life as a Gunpla kit. So they might be compelled to continue where they left off. 

Anyways, enough of our thoughts on the HG Thunderbolt as a whole. Let us talk more about this upcoming Gundam Base Limited exclusive Gunpla set. 

From what we can see here, it is clear that this set comes with the same HG Thunderbolt Full Armor Gundam and the HG Psycho Zaku kit. They didn’t even bother releasing these two in some clear-colored or coated parts. They decided to release it the same as the retail variants. The only difference that we can find here is that this Gunpla set comes with the badass pilot custom decal design from the Manga, and not to mention, you are getting the two HG Thunderbolt kits in one release too. 

But the thing we find that captures our interest in getting this release is its badass boxart. We have to hand it to the Gundam Base Limited chaps for releasing this set with one of the best-looking Gundam artwork that we’ve seen on an HG release. 

Do you guys want to know why the Boxart here looks so goddamn good? Well, it’s because Gundam Base Limited chaps got Mr. Yasuo Otagaki to illustrate the boxart for this set!

And yes, since we are huge fans of his work, we do not mind getting this set just for the boxart. 

And that concludes our 413th edition of the Let’s Talk Gunpla segment for today. The announcement of this HG Thunderbolt set is a surprise to all of us here. We don’t think any of us here expected to see them announcing this since there isn’t any word of a new HG Thunderbolt kit. 

But this gives us hope that in the future, we might see more HG Thunderbolt kits, we hope as a retail release, not as a P-Bandai one. 

Anyways, we’ll be back again next week (hopefully) with a new blog post. So, please do look forward to that! 

We can’t wait! 

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We shall see all of you again soon, and we hope all of you here have a splendid day and week ahead! Oh, before we go, please have an excellent time building your awesome gunplas there and until next time.


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