Unboxing and First Impression of RX-78AL Atlas Gundam

Date Of Release: March 2017
Price: ¥2,200/RM86.00/USD20.00-21.00(Around There)

Hello and a very good day to all of our readers. First and foremost my name is Hazim and I’ll be joining Kimi the Builder Blog as a Co-Editor/Writer so I hope you enjoy my writing as much as Kimi’s.

So a little backstory on how I got started on this hobby, the first time I knew about gunpla was when I was a child, how I found out about gunpla was my mom had gotten my brother and my older cousins some old HG kit, if I’m not wrong it was the Air Master Gundam. I was very fascinated by it, I guess I was a bit too young to get it so I was still playing with legos, and from building legos I got more into building gunpla. If im not mistaken, one of my first kits was the Astray Blue Frame 1/144 no scale, so that’s my back story.

So for today I’ll be unboxing and giving my first impression of the RX-78AL Atlas Gundam, Gundam Thunderbolt Ver.

Now why I picked the Atlas Gundam, I think it was because the MS looked so unique and cool looking that I got interested in it, like from watching the first episode of the Gundam Thunderbolt anime where they showed the Atlas Gundam slicing up the Komusai in half. I was like DAMN that’s a badass MS, so that’s why I was interested in the MS and what they could do with the kit.

So let’s start with the price. The price given on the top of the page was from Gundam Wikia HG list, with just a bit of google foo and I got the price for MYR and USD. I think  it isn’t bad for a HG kit where you get some really good stuff for the kit and lots of runners.
Price Source http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/High_Grade_Gundam_Thunderbolt

Oooh, Glorious box art I praise thee.

Ok now the box, let’s start off with the box art it’s amazing. As you can see from the picture above it make the MS look so epic. It makes the Atlas look so badass and I think from just looking at the box art people will get interested in the kit.


Is that English I see there? I think it is interesting

Now Bandai seems to use English and Japanese for the box so you can now read about the MS in more detail, like for example what it was built for and what kind of terrain it is supposed to be used in, the Atlas was built for ground and underwater use.

yummy yellow rail gun yum yum(too bad you’re not color accurate(the anime had white I think))

Now for the runner parts, they are very detailed so you have the chance to panel line them if you like. And it seems they don’t use poly-caps anymore for the limbs of the MS, for example, the arms and the legs. The quality of the runners are also very good but the color accuracy is not that close(the rail gun is a different color) so yeah there’s that.


Now the manual, ooh baby the manual, you get greeted with a very nicely made HG 1/144 Atlas Gundam if it were fully painted. For the insides, you get more explanation of the MS and the equipment it has, oh and did I tell you there’s English as well now in the manual just like the box so good job Bandai. The instructions are also very clear and very easy to understand.

I think it’s a trend now for newer Gundams to have sub-arms or sub-legs these days but they are cool so yeah they work


more detail on the MS and the color guide

So that’s all for the unboxing and my first impression on the RX-78AL. I’m really excited to get building on this kit like from what I have seen from reviews people have said the articulation is very good like you can get it into a lot of different poses
So I’ll be putting up the review after I have finished building the kit and hope you guys have enjoyed this unboxing and first impression from me, if anything please do tell me so I can make any changes on maybe the review the next time I post and that is all so thank you very much guys and girls and see you soon.

2 thoughts on “Unboxing and First Impression of RX-78AL Atlas Gundam

  1. Welcome to the cowriting! I’m certainly interested with the Atlas, so i’ll be interested to read your writeup!


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