Unboxing and First Impressions of RG 1/144 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam

Finally, I yield. 

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (RG)

Release Date: Early August 2017

Retail Price: MYR 152.00*(USD $36.56*)

Hello and a very good day to all of our awesome readers here today, I’m back with a new Unboxing and First Impressions and today oh joy of joys we finally have the RG Unicorn Gundam! Whoo Hoo! It took me awhile to get this one, but finally having it in the Homebase and unboxing it just so feels glorious.

I should start by saying, that prior to this, I didn’t expect to get the RG Unicorn or another RG for that manner, I was, in fact, planning to get an MG P-Bandai for this unboxing. There are just so many other releases that I wanted to cover and this was never on the priority list, well that is until I saw someone building this kit in one of my local Gunpla Store. All I can say after seeing that is…..


To finally have it in my hands now is just plain glorious and I made sure specifically to get myself the “Premium Unicorn Mode box” because I liked the look of the unicorn mode more for the RG. A bit ironic, since I never liked the Unicorn mode, but for this version, I made an exception because the box art (and most likely this is how the final product is going to look like) made the Unicorn mode more appealing than the Destroy mode. Haha.

Yes, the only reason I got this version is really because,of the “premium” part…hahaha…
The inner box still impresses me with all the information of the other variation of the Unicorn kit
Oh, how we all wish the list they gave here is all for the RG series….

As well the ‘premium’ wording got to me when making a choice in between the two boxes….ha.ha.ha.

As I was opening the box, the sweet smell of the new virgin plastic runner parts was hitting me hard and lo behold the runner parts looks glorious! I think Bandai is really proud of the stickers for this RG kit that they have it displayed front and center and true enough I do like the stickers for this RG kit. Still unsure of the eye stickers though, but we shall see how it goes but I might try to paint it up like last time…. maybe.

Coming back to the runner parts, oh gods I just love how everything just looks. The detail on the armor and the weapons just look oh so nice. Doing some panel lining for this kit it’s going to be a fun one indeed. The joints for the inner frame as well look beautiful and yes, I do have some concerns about the clear parts but as with everything else with this kit, the runners look beautiful as hell.

The wonderful smell that accompanies the kit does make me really happy tbh.
And the stickers look quite awesome
Bandai does a damn good job in packaging the runner parts.
The inner frame joints look for the unicorn looks amazing, I dare say the best looking one second only by the Gold Frame. God, I just can’t wait to start! 😀

The manual, however, was not up to my standards. As some of you might be aware in my last RG review (the Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina (RG)) kit my biggest complaint of the Amatsu Mina’s manual is that they just made a half-hearted translation. Unfortunately, even for the Unicorn Gundam (RG) this wasn’t improved, you still have a large portion of the Manual not translated and the untranslated parts were (in my opinion) the best parts of it. I am disappointed but overall not bothered, because in the end what matters is the overall balance and feel of the kit, how much value I can get from this kit and most importantly if the kit it’s a blast or fun kit to make.

So far though? I do have a good overall feel to this and I am looking forward to getting my hands dirty already! I’m looking forward to having my mind be blown away with this kit, I just hope that I would be able to make sense towards the end of it all, haha.

The manual was looking promising at first….
Up until you get to this point….
and to nail the coffin they gave me this
Well, at least the instructions look easy enough to understand..haha…

So, what do you guys think of the Unboxing and the first impressions of the kit? Your own experiences with unboxing and first impressions of this kit and of the kit itself. I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts and first impressions of the kit and as well responding to all of your lovely comments and stories.

Regardless we will be back again with a new Let’s Talk Gunpla segment this week with more P-Bandai stuff and hopefully, I will be back again next Sunday to give you my final thoughts of the RG Unicorn Gundam! I will update you guys on the progress of the build through r/Gunpla and through my Instagram! So do look forward to that! For now, I have to bid all of you here adieu and please do leave a like if you like this article and do let us know your thoughts and feelings here in the comment section or through the Reddit post! We will be looking forward to just talking and just have fun with all of you here! Thanks again for taking your time spending time reading my Unboxing and First Impressions and I will see you guys again soon! Do hope you guys have an awesome Weekend and an awesome start to your week. I will see you guys next week, and please do have an awesome Gunpla building time there too.

Until next time!


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