Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.106

No new retail news this week, but we do have more P-Bandai news!


HELLO! We are back!

In this weeks 106th edition Let’s Talk Gunpla segment, we are once again will be taking a look at P-Bandai’s gunpla release announcements. One that we were honestly was really quite surprised to see being announced this week, to be honest.

Especially one made from the Z Gundam Series and another from the Gundam the Origins, out of all places.

So without further ado, let us get into it, shall we?

HG 1/144 Dodai-kai Sub-Flight System (HGUC)

HG 1/144 Dodai-kai Sub-Flight System (HGUC)

Release Date: 2019/08

Estimated price: JPY 1,296* (MYR RM 49.46* / USD $ 11.80*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation

Dis is one sexy sub-flight system

Out of all the kits that we were expecting to see being announced this week, this wasn’t really one that we were really expecting to see.

But, yet here it is.

Though, it is not to say that the release announcement for this is a bad thing. Despite our surprise by the sudden announcement, the HGUC Dodai Kai was really something that we kind of hoping that Bandai would release sometime in the future. Seeing how integral it was to the whole Z Gundam’s earth saga, we were glad that we are finally will be getting it for the HGUC line up…

Even with the fact that it is getting a release as a P-Bandai HGUC line up, we are still glad that we are finally seeing the Dodai Kai finally seeing the light of day.

From what we see here, the actual kit itself looks pretty good. We all here think that the P-Bandai team that is responsible for the creation of this did a pretty good job too in making the HGUC transition for the Dodai Kai. The P-Bandai HGUC Dodai-Kai looks pretty darn accurate to its anime counterpart. What’s more, we do think that this might be one of the best looking sub flight units that we’ve seen being made for the HGUC to date.

The addition of the HGUC Dodai-Kai really makes the HGUC Hyaku-Shiki looks even more of a badass here

P-Bandai as well states in the press release for this kit that the Dodai Kai is as well compatible with all of the current and new HGUC Z Gundam kits. This remains to be seen, but from the promotional pictures that we see here. it does look like all the known A.E.U.G and Karaba’s Z Gundam HGUC kits are able to attach themselves well to the HGUC Dodai-Kai.

Plus, with the recent re-releases of some of the P-Bandai HGUC kits. It increases our interest in getting the HGUC Dodai-Kai as a good accompaniment to the other P-Bandai HGUC Z gundam kits.

It is quite obvious that we are really looking forward to be getting this one, we do think that it would make a good base for the HGUC Dijeh that we have here in the home base, and if we are lucky enough to get two of these awesome kits, we might as well get the HGUC Hyaku-Shiki as well.

This is really a good sub flight system to use to take your date out for dinner. Especially if the dinner place’s airspace is controlled by the Titans.

Why? Well so we can finally make a proper diorama of both the HGUC Dijeh and the HGUC Hyaku Shiki riding into the sun…together as frenemies

Maybe if we can get Lalah in there as well…that would be really nice.

HG 1/144 MS-05S Zaku I Char Aznable Custom (Gundam the Origins version)

HG 1/144 MS-05S Zaku I Char Aznable Custom (Gundam the Origins version)

Release Date: 2019/09

Estimated price: JPY 2,268* (MYR RM 86.99* / USD $ 20.73*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation

This is probably one of the best color schemes that were made for an MS.

This is another surprise entry from the P-Bandai side, one that all of us here was as well wasn’t expecting to see being announced this week.

But then again with the quite recently released ‘made for TV version” of Gundam the Origins series, I guess it is inevitable that we see P-Bandai releasing more P-Bandai  Gundam the Origins related HG kits.

From what we can see here the kit itself is basically the same version of the HG Zaku I that was released back in Dec 2016, with some minor change made to it of course. One of the changes that were made is seen on the belt fed Zaku machine gun of the retail version that was replaced to the more familiar magazine fed Zaku machine gun for this P-Bandai version.

Actually, most of us here prefer the magazine fed version of the Zaku machine gun then the belt fed version.

Another change that was made for this P-Bandai HG Zaku I is seen on the color scheme. Which ditches the strong red color scheme that was used in the Gundam the Origins anime into the more familiar original Char color scheme, the pink/red color scheme which was more akin to the 1979 Mobile Suit Gundam anime look.

Looking at this, we do think that this looks a hell of a ton better then what we see with the retail version.

However, the new revamped look and color scheme isn’t the only thing that this HG kit had going for it.

Because on the packaging of this P-Bandai kit, the chaps from the P-Bandai side decided to have Mr.Kunio Okawara’s awesome Zaku I artwork placed there instead of the normal one tone color of the usual ‘P-Bandai Style’ packaging. In which looked like something art that was made back in the ’80s and what’s more they as well had Mr. Kunio Okawara’s signature placed on the packaging too!

It’s funny to think that one of the biggest selling points for this kit is the box…

This kit really set to be one that is the MOST collector friendly kits that we’ve seen in a long time. Plus with the fact that this is a kit based on a line of kits that have yet had a single kit that has been disappointing does make increase the value prospect of this P-Bandai kit. Which is something that we would really love to have it for ourselves

As well as all of them scalpers would as well. So we better start putting down that preorders down A.S.A.P.

It’s going to be interesting to see how much this kit would go for as soon as all of them scalpers get this on their hands.

With that concludes this week 106th edition of our Let’s Talk Gunpla segment! What do you think of this week’s P-Bandai kit announcement? Are you looking forward to any of the upcoming HGUC P-Bandai offerings? Just when we thought that we have covered all the P-Bandai news last week, just for more to pop up without us knowing…haha…

Oh well, I’m sure by next week we can finally talk about that awesome looking retail MG Lunamaria Zaku……hopefully.

Anyways, we will be back again with more Let’s Talk Gunpla Segment on the next coming Wednesday and hopefully, this Sunday Kimi will be back with the review or an Unboxing of a kit! So do look forward to that!

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We hope by sharing our love and passion for gunplas here, it’ll inspire you to pick up the hobby or reignite your love for gunpla!

Anyways, we shall see all of you again next week, and we hope that you all have an awesome week and weekend ahead! Have an awesome Gunpla building time there as well and until next time!


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