Builder Parts review: System Weapons 003

Builders Parts System Weapons 003

Date of Release: August 2012

Price:RM31.00* (USD $7.26*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation.

What a nice quickie

Hello and a very good day to our awesome readers and fellow builders. We are back with another edition of short reviews. It’s been awhile since I did these short reviews, I figured since I recently acquired (from the hobby club 2017 model kit festival event that I attended) the Builder parts System Weapons 003. Honestly, when I saw this on the shelves, I was surprised that no one has seen this small little glorious thing.

The simple manual

I knew then that I must get this shit. Like seriously.

So, I did.

For those that have read my review on Builder Parts System Weapons 002 you guys probably know how much I adore this thing, for those that haven’t here you go but basically, I love the system Weapons after building it. So, I have high expectations for this one and I’m glad to report this as well doesn’t disappoint at all.

What a long manual you are.

In fact, I believe that this is probably a kit that is a lot better as compared to the prior system weapons 002, the reason for my claims is that for this particular one it is made to feel more elaborate and a much engaging than before and it’s all thanks to the inclusion of the awesome shield.

The shield is probably the best part, I thought most of the System Weapons series is a collection of only better looking and designed weapons. Only made to improve and not to add, that what I thought it was made for. This shield made me glad that I got this one, now I can really say that if you buy the system weapons 003 you will finally find something that is not only just enhance the look of your HG or RG kit but one that you would want to include in your build.

Instead of me explaining, why don’t you guys just look at this awesomeness?

The first shield variant


The second shield variant
The third Shield variant
Lookie on what it can do
The awesome looking final variant of the shield, it made my GM looks awesome af.

You see? How can you not feel what I feel about it? Damn awesome isn’t it?

The BOWA XBR-M-82-05H Beam rifle (picture reference) also is a good solid addition to this series, the modifications that were included as well is something that I had a lot of fun with. As ever the weapons are not just fun to make, but one that ultimately looks cool overall. I really prefer this than the one given as standard to my own RG Zephyranthes (the weapon system on it is already very awesome). Even the build this time is something that I had lots of fun with, this is a more mechanical (on the shield) kit as compared its counterparts.

The BOWA XBR-M-82-05H Beam rifle
The second variant. * the model for this is the – HG 1/144 GM (HGUC)
The final variant

I was quite surprised that this one is an even better kit than before, I was expecting it to be more of the same a good small fun kit. For it to turn out really brilliantly really caught me by surprise, and with the price it really is a steal, fuck if they had more of this I probably have gotten more actually.

Overall, I recommend this kit to everyone as it’s a great addition to your RG or HG kits (I think it was made to be more for RG then HG). It’s a quick kit to make if you just really need a quick gunpla fix and if you are lucky, a very cheap kit as well.

As a Gunpla Gun nut, this is something I am proud to display. This looks seriously glorious.

So that’s all for our short review segment, what do you guys think of all this kit? Have you guys had any experience building this, or any from this awesome series? After this, I really feel that this is a very promising series and I really hope Bandai consider in making more of this awesome kits.

Regardless, I do look forward to reading your thoughts and feedback on this! So hit away on those keyboards! 😀

Anyways, that’s all for this edition of our short reviews, am still in the midst of making my final choice in building a new kit soon do look forward to that! Thanks for coming to read this brief review of mine! I’ll see you guys on the next post!


P.S : the model that I used wasn’t paid for his services. He just wanted to be able to look good with them new shiny weapons

2 thoughts on “Builder Parts review: System Weapons 003

  1. See I thought the shield was the type that came with a lot of HGs (e.g. such as the new Blue Destiny 1 EXAM). Then it turns out it can go Banshee VN style.

    ….what. Now I just want the pack for that…..I hope Bandai one day reprints these!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually have the same thought when I first came across this, I was really buying this just for the Beam Rifle actually. Then when I actually build this, it was something surprisingly good and fun.

      If you can find this anywhere I implore you to get this, it really is a fun quick one to make.


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