(WIP) RG 1/144 RX-93 ν Gundam (RG) Build Progress Second Phase Report


The Second progress report from yours truly. 

Hi Guys, Kimi here and today I will be doing a second progress report on this few day’s build progress of the RG 1/144 RX-93 ν Gundam (RG). As you may have noticed from the slew of updates that I have been updating through the social media platforms that I was a part of, the progress of the RG ν Gundam has been a little bit slow.

Though I think saying the progress is slow…is quite an understatement….the reason being is that I have been finding myself not being able to find the time to give the RG ν Gundam the attention that it deserves.

Regardless of that fact, I do have a plan in place to make sure that the report will come in more frequent from this week onwards, so hopefully, you will see more updates coming in more frequently.

But enough of that, let’s talk about my current progress of the RG ν Gundam and what I think of the kit thus far, shall we? Well to put it more precisely, its more on what do I think of the RG ν Gundam’s waist unit, Since that is how far of progress that I’ve managed here.

Not that far yes, but I’ll be damned if this isn’t one of the best waist units that I’ve built.

Well…all I can say is that I’m continued to be surprised by the level of detail that I see here. I was as well was both surprised and impressed by how good of an experience I have been getting from building the RG ν Gundam waist unit. Even my time decal-ing the waist unit is a blast and not to mention too seeing the applied decals on the awesome looking bottom half of this RG kit does further improve my building experience overall.

Admittedly I’m starting to be a fan of this sticker style of decals over the water slide decals. Even though yes, I do agree that without a doubt that the waterslides do look better comparatively. But I can’t deny the fact that the clear sticker decals are much more forgiving compared to the waterslides. Seriously, with these, I really don’t have to worry about ruining the decals and I could just focus on putting the decals on the said part.

and not to mention…the most detailed waist units that I’ve seen when compared to other RG kits too.

In terms of articulation, I have to say that I am quite impressed by the level of movement that the waist unit is enabling the legs to articulate. Not to mention too that overall everything feels quite solid here. All in all, I’m still feeling quite positive about what I’m experiencing with this RG kit here. Everything is looking good so far and I pretty much really enjoyed my time working on this RG kit.

Frankly, it’s hard now for me to imagine things going downhill at this point in time. But then again I haven’t seen or experienced everything that this kit has to offer me yet… Am really looking forward to seeing where this kit brings me to.

This bottom half is really looking like a winner here.

So with that ends this second phase report of the Kimi’s Work in Progress segment for the RG 1/144 RX-93 ν Gundam (RG), we are already going into week two of this WIP and things are looking quite positive for this kit. I really do hope that we can have the RG kit be completed in time this week since we still have alot of kits to review… haha-haha…

Anyways it would be nice to hear your thoughts on my progress and as well feedback from you all is most appreciated. You can write in your thoughts here and as well through Reddit, FB or on Instagram. We will be looking forward to replying and responding to your thoughts so don’t hesitate to write away! 😀

Leave a like and comment if you enjoy this post from us here in the blog or through Reddit, FB or on Instagram. Your support means the world to us, we hope that you all continue to support us along the way this gunpla journey that we are all on.

Anyways, we shall see all of you again this coming Wednesday and Friday with the Let’s Talk Gunpla posts, and we hope we can as well have another new post on the RG ν Gundam Work In Progress posts soon as well. We do hope that you all have an awesome day and week ahead and don’t forget to have an awesome Gunpla building time there as well.

Until next time!


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