Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.216

The best P-Bandai release announcements that we’ve seen in months.

HELLO! We are back! 

In today’s 216th edition of our Let’s Talk Gunpla segment, we will be taking the time to write about two very fascinating P-Bandai’s latest Gunpla release announcements.

So without further ado, let us get into it, shall we? 

HG 1/144 Try AGE Gundam [Try Age Colors](HGTRYAGE)

Release Date: November 2020
Estimated price: JPY 2,970 (MYR RM 120.20* / USD $ 28.29* / EUR € 24.09*)
*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation

The Try AGE Gundam’s announcement might be one of the most interesting ones that we here have seen to date. That is because this is a kit released for the 9th anniversary of the Gundam TRY-AGE Arcade Trading Card game.

The thing that we here find to be the most amusing is that now we know that the design for the HGBD: R Gundam Try AGE Magnum (the kit that this HG Try AGE Gundam based on) based on an already existing MS design from the Gundam Try AGE arcade game. 

Admittedly, we were quite surprised by this particular reveal, since we always thought that this was an original MS design by the Gundam Build Divers MS design team. 

Anyways, with that said and done, so what we all here think of this particular release?

Well, to be frank? 

We like what we see here. 

Yes, we would admit that this is just basically just a recolor of the HGBD: R Try AGE Magnum. The only thing that we can confirm that is new with this release is just that it comes with one new manipulator mold, a recolored effects parts, and the new ‘Tri-Color’ color scheme. 

But even despite that fact, we here still quite like what we saw here with this HG kit. We love how awesome the color scheme of this kit looked and not to mention they did a splendid job as well in creating the custom 9th-anniversary exclusive manipulator design. 

We are quite excited to see more of this kit soon, and from the looks of it, we have a feeling that this is going to be a good one. 

RG 1/144 ZGMF-X56S/β Sword Impulse Gundam (RG)

Release Date: November 2020
Estimated price: JPY 3,850 (MYR RM 155.82* / USD $ 36.68* / EUR € 31.22*)
*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation

The next one of our list is this, an RG kit that we have expecting to see it getting the P-Bandai announcement. Seeing that it has been quite a while since the RG Impulse was released, so we do think it made sense to us that we are finally seeing this kit now being announced. 

From the looks of it, it is quite clear to us here that P-Bandai did a splendid job in designing this version of the RG Impulse, especially on the two huge Excalibur anti-ship swords. The two swords looked fantastic and not to mention all the rest of the weapons and equipment as well. 

We as well are a fan of the new red color scheme on the RG impulse’s parts. We can’t help to feel like that the red color scheme works well on the RG Impulse’s parts.  

Regardless of our feelings on the RG Sword Impulse, we here can’t help to feel a tad bit disappointed with it. Eventhough we all here knew that there is no way that the Sword Impulse will get a retail release, but we still hoped that Bandai, seeing how popular the RG Impulse was, would release this version as a regular retail release. 

But we guess that is a tad bit too much to ask Bandai to do. 

We are still most definitely will be getting this version, even though it would hurt both our hearts and our wallets to do so. but our love for the sword impulse will not stop us from getting this version. 

May it be as good as it looks. 

Anyways, with that concludes today’s our 216th Let’s Talk Gunpla post. Despite how we all feel with some of the P-Bandai’s Gunpla release announcements, we do admit that this might be one of the best ones that we’ve seen in a long time. 

However, we do hope that we would eventually see some new release announcements from the retail side as well. The silence from the retail side has been quite worrying to us all here. 

Regardless, what do you guys think of these P-Bandai Gunpla release announcements after reading our thoughts on them and as well after seeing more of all of them? We do look forward to reading and replying to all of your thoughts on all the P-Bandai Gunpla release announcements. So don’t be shy to write on your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below. 

Anyways, we will be back again this coming Saturday with more Gunpla related posts for this blog. 

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We hope that by sharing our love and passion for building and writing about both gunplas and plamos here, that it’ll help inspire you to keep on building or help to reignite that lost passion for the hobby. 

Anyways, we shall see all of you again soon, and we hope that you all here have an awesome day and week ahead! Oh as well, please do have an excellent time building your awesome gunplas there and until next time!


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