Nu-Gundam Ver.KA Review

Love at first build.

Hello and welcome to all that came and visited my little blog here. I will start by thanking those that did support and visited this blog of mine, as I will try my very best to give you my honest and unbiased review on not just Gunplas but on other kits or plastic models from other manufacturers. Hopefully with my opinions and review of those kits it would in some way help you to make a better judgement in your purchases!

So, with that out of the way. Let’s begin! 😊

We shall start with a brief history of the suit.

Nu-Gundam is originally had been designed by Amuro Ray to be a real true replacement for the RX-78-3 unit that he used during the one year war. The design of the Nu-Gundam incorporates a lot of lessons that he learned during his time as a mobile suit pilot and it could be seen that the unit itself even when it was conceived in a very brief period (in about three months) was tough and reliable.

Screenshot of Chars Counterattack Anime

Regardless, it’s not a perfect machine because it was rushed out to combat the Sazabi it does have a few issues of instability from the psychoframe system (that was given in secret to Anaheim Electronics by the “I wanna be fair” Char Aznable). There were a few instances in which there were issues with the system like when Amuro’s panicking caused his fin funnels to react, forcing Gyunei Guss to kill his captive, Kayra Su. As Londo Bell forces moved to stop Char from dropping Axis, Amuro and Char would go head to head, battling one another and practically ravaging their suits. In the end, another flaw revealed itself – the psycoframe (again, thanks Char) resonated with high emotions and willpower, pushing Amuro’s already amazing Newtype powers to new heights, and managed to push Axis away from the Earth. The resonance creates a light that could be seen from Earth.

box art for 1/100 kit by Yoshiyuki Takani
Box art by Yoshiyuki Takani (taken from gundam wikia)

Even when it was supposed to be the replacement for the RX-78-3 there were a few flaws with the suit. Regardless, the suit itself has proven to be a very formidable one out there.

Ok with the little history lesson done, let’s move on to the actual Review, shall we?

As you guys may have known through my last posting (on the Nu-Gundam first impressions), I was quite excited on the prospect of building the kit by only looking and viewing the runner parts and the manual itself.

Building it however, is tremendously good. To be more precise, I felt like I was slowly falling in love with the build. Madly in love, and the best part it has a stand too.

looks good but fragile.
The detail at this and the satisfaction i get from just this part.

First I will need to address the elephant in the room for this one, is it worth all your hard-earned money for? I would say yes. The reason being is that it’s just simply one of the best kits and the one that you can really have fun with (and it has a stand), even with the hefty price tag that is slapped to it. I admit at first I was sceptical because it doesn’t seem like it had much to justify as compared to other ver ka models or even compared to the other normal MG kits ([ext] EX-S Gundam I’m looking at you), but when you start fiddling with it only then you start to realize that the money paid for this was worth it.

When completed this kit starts to have an awesome look to it.

Speaking of fiddling with it, I do find the kit is teeming with details and as well it was a quite challenging build. It did take me more effort to make sure that everything goes well, even when the kit is filled with fine and fragile parts. At times, it does come to a point that I was worried that it wouldn’t be able to be as solid kit as the more traditional kits out there but even in that department it manages to surprise me. It was by far the most solid kit I have ever made, I am not sure either the Ver.Ka badge got anything to do with it or its just Bandai really pull all the stops for this reimagining of the Nu-Gundam MG version.

The top half and the awesome look that it slowly posses here.

It as well managed to be a fun and entertaining kit that I’ve built by far. Oh, did I mention that it came with an awesome stand! That really is a plus!

I do like the fact that you can have an option to have it in the ‘unicorn’ mode, it does look a lot different than the original look. Regardless, even if don’t want to ‘unicorn-ize’ it already has a handsome look. As well you’d be pleased to know that even some of the parts is moveable to accommodate the ‘unicorn’ mode, it still manages to keep itself in place if you choose not to. Looking at this I’m more and more looking forward in getting myself the Gundam Unicorn now.

The completed look without the funnels.
Dat stand

Damn handsome, isn’t it? It does manage to leave a smile on my face when every time I look at this awesome build. I highly recommend this kit to those that looks for fun and challenge, as well to those that had some extra money to blow.

The best part of all this awesomeness? That it comes with a stand, that is always a good sign of things. Always.



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