MG 1/100 GN-002 Gundam Dynames (MG) Review


Finally, I finally find a modern MG kit that I really LIKED.

Throughout my many years with building gunplas, I kind of miss having to build something that really challenges my skills as a builder and at the same time be a fun kit to build. I do admit that I have been finding myself struggling to like some of the newer MG kits because I just don’t find them to be as good as some of the older MG kits that I have built.

However, that all changed as soon as I started work on this. Yes, with the kit finally complete, I will finally be able to give my Final thoughts and feelings on this 2019 released MG 1/100 GN-002 Gundam Dynames (MG).

But before we get to the review, let us first talk about a little bit of history on this Legendary Celestial Being MS.

So without further ado, let us get into it shall, we?

The History and development of the Celestial Being’s GN-002 Gundam Dynames

GN-002 Gundam Dynames

Model name:

  • GN-002


  • Long-Range Sharpshooter Mobile Suit

Weapon systems:

  • GN Beam Pistol
  • GN Beam Saber
  • GN Missiles
  • GN Sniper Rifle
  • GN Shield
  • GN Full-Shield


  • 18.2m

Armour Material:

  • E-Carbon


  • GN Drive

Total Thrust:

  • Unknown

Effective Sensor Radius:

  • Unknown


  • 1 pilot
  • 1 haro

The Dynames is probably one MS from the early days of the Celestial Being’s open-armed intervention which is my personal favorite out of the 4.

Although it is not to that I don’t like the rest of the Gundams. I do like the Exia, I think the Exia is a badass close range MS equipped with some of the best-looking melee weapons. The Arios is one that I feel is a pretty practical MS and the Virtue/Nadleeh is an MS that we here find it to be a pretty interesting MS all in all.

All of them is a testament to how awesome the people behind the MS Design for this series, but frankly none of them really have the perfect blend of both the looks and just being a badass like we see with the Dynames.

From its inception all the way to its demise, the Dynames is probably the only one out of the 4 that the pilot of the MS really went out with a bang.

The ‘I wanna have some personal space’ kind of MS

With that said and done, let us now talk about this badass MS, shall we?

The Dynames a third-generation Gundam series MS which was developed by the secretive Organization, Celestial Being The GN-002 Gundam Dynames was an MS which was developed to be the successor to the Gundam Sadalsuud which is as well a long-range Sharpshooter MS. At a glance, you may see a few similarities here and there in terms of aesthetics in between the two MS, however, the Dynames is actually is alot different than its predecessor.

Because unlike the Sadalsuud, which were designed mainly for long-range engagements, infiltration, and scouting, has a bit more of a passive role to play. Compared that to the Dynames, which was designed to be more focused on actual combat. Although it is not to say that none of the Sadalsuud’s DNA isn’t present on the Dynames. There is, and you can see that on the Dynames’s main head unit, which used the same Sensor that is used on the Sadalsuud.

The lack of sensors present on the Dynames does put it in a bit of a disadvantage over its predecessor. Because the Dynames would have to rely mainly on the information given by VEDA or given by the Celestial Beings Ptolemaios’s CIC in combat, unlike the Sadalsuud which could easily attain its targets from just using its many optics.

However, we do have to remember that the Dynames was actually made for combat, whilst the Sadalsuud was only made for testing purposes. Which is why to compensate for the lack of sensors and to as well ensure the survivability of the pilot the Dyanames was given a lot more armor and shields to better protect itself from attacks.


Just like all the other Celestial being MS, the Dynames as well was equipped with alot of specialized weaponry to suit its role as a Long-Range Sharpshooter MS for Celestial Being. Like for an instance the Dynames was equipped with the GN Sniper Rifle, which is used for mid and long-range engagements. A pair of GN Beam pistols, for close to mid-range engagements ain tandem with the Pistols the nd it was as well equipped with a pair of GN Beam Sabers.

If the standard equipment isn’t enough, and if the Dynames needed more firepower. The Dynames as well can receive combat support provided in a form of its own support unit, the GNR-001D GN Arms Type-D or from the Assault container (a tactical Armed carrier attached to the CBS-70 Ptolemaios).

However, it should be noted that even though the Dynames was given a pair of GN Beam Saber, Lockon Stratos (the pilot for the Dynames’s code name) is not a fan with the idea of using this and only use them as a last resort weapon if all else fails. He even asked the chief engineer in charge with the development of this MS to have them removed from the MS since he was confident that he won’t be using them in battle.

However, due to the insistence by the Cheif Engineer to have in there, the inclusion of the GN Beam Saber on the Dynames manages to save the pilot twice during a few occasions in battles that the Dynames was involved with

The Dynames, seen here using the Substratospheric Altitude Gun

The Dynames is the only one out of the 4 which is able to make full use of the Super Substratospheric Altitude Gun. Which is mainly used as a means for extreme long-range precision shooting on orbital targets from the surface of the earth. However, due to the fact that its size, power consumption and the fact that shooting it would expose the shooter’s location due to the insane heat source it generates from each shot, causes the weapon to only be used once for a specific ‘Veda’ related operations.

What’s more interesting to note here is that this is the only MS out of the 4 that only the Dynames is the only one that really requires two pilots to operate the MS. The reason for this is because of the Dynames’s very unique Sniper mode. Which was basically requires the main pilot to focus on shooting the GN Sniper on the move as Lockon’s HARO unit focuses on piloting the MS?

The Dynames was proven to be extremely successful in its role and as well proven itself to be quite lethal in combat during the early days of the conflict. But ultimately the Dynames was eventually bested and badly damaged during the UN Forces counteroffensive against the Celestial Being. But it was ultimately repaired and given a new lease of life as the GN-002RE Gundam Dynames Repair.

In which we do hope to cover if they ever decide to release this variant to the wild

The Review 


The one line of MG kits that I have always never fail to compare all the other newer MG kits to is the OYW MG Ver.2.0 line of kits. To those that was quite familiar with them will know that they were all so insanely detailed, fun to build and as well had a pretty good design overall. But most importantly most of these OYW MG Ver.2.0’s feels like it was something that was made with alot of passion by the designers. Because you can really feel that by though building them that you can see that they really try to make the BEST MG kit that they could ever make.

To those that really have some experience with the OYW MG Ver.2.0 will understand my feelings after seeing some of the work that Bandai has put out for the newer MG line up recently. Most were released doesn’t have the same level of quality and the attention to care that you could see with the OYW MG Ver.2.0 kits. In which I find it to be quite funny that older kits are better MG’s kit that we see now compared to how it is now.

Which is why I have been a bit hard on the MG kits. Because I have been hoping the newer MG’s to be a tad bit better than the OYW MG Ver.2.0 line of kits. But mostly I was really hoping to again feel the same excitement that I get with building the OYW MG Ver.2.0 on the newer MG kits.

Reading all of these here, you might be wondering why I brought this up for this review?

Well, because out of all the MG’s that I’ve built this year (which is not alot, looking back) this might be the closest thing that has made me have the same kind of feeling that I get with building the OYW MG Ver.2.0 kits.

Because it was one of those MG kits that I really feel got alot of what I look for in an MG kit, right. Like, for one I do find that building the MG Dynames to be both challenging and fun. Because there were a few occasions that I would find my self having to make sure that a lot of the parts that worked on, to have their excess sprue was trimmed properly so it would ensure that either the part would fit properly to the section or to ensure that the excess sprues was dealy with so will not hamper with the ability of the particular parts to articulate itself properly.

When I started with the GN Drive for the Dynames, I already knew back then that this kit is going to be great.
A pretty simple and basic inner frame, which in time turns it into…
Something that looked pretty badass

Those that are new to the MG line-up or to the hobby may find some of this task to be a bit daunting. But honestly, it is not too hard that it would discourage them to not continue. Because one, you will find yourselves having fun with and two, from what I found out through my run with the kit that all the hard work that you put down, the pay of is worth it.

Which perfectly leads us to another thing that they really got it right with the MG Dynames here, the looks. Because like I said before all the hard work that you put down in making sure the parts fit well and look good will result with you having one of the best looking MG kits of 2019. Honestly, this is really one kit that I find it quite hard not to fall in love with. The detail that I can see on some sections to be quite tasteful, and never once I see the designers went ape shit crazy with the details. Which I do admit is something that I really appreciate them doing for this MG Dynames.

It was as well one of those kits that really doesn’t require you to really do any painting since most of the MG Dynames looked to be quite color accurate. It was really one of those MG kits that you would be proud of displaying even if you didn’t choose to not panel line the kit. Really, it really does look that good. What’s more, if you do decide to put down the decals like I did with this MG kit you will find out that you will be making an already badass looking MG kit into something that is even more of a badass. 

I really had fun painting some bits of the visor and panel lining the head unit for the MG Dynames
This was one section that I REALLY had to take my time with
but at the very least the result speaks for itself

One that I admit, that I’m slowly falling in love with.

Even the articulation on the MG Dynames is pretty awesome. I thought with the folding GN Shield. It may hamper some of the articulation of this MG kit, but no. you can still pull off almost all the same poses as if like the folding shield is not there.

Not to mention too that this MG kit does come with two mounting points that you can use to pose the kit up on the action base. One located at the waist area, and another located at its waist Vernier unit. The inclusion of these two mounting points does help to further increase the pose-ability of the MG Dynames on the action stand and letting you pull off some very badass action poses on the Action Base stand.

I do admit though out my time with this MG kit I have found it to be quite impressive so far. However, it is not to say that it doesn’t have any issues with it. For a matter of fact, there are two things that I do find to be a bit annoying here with the kit. Like for an instance, is on how stiff the parts for the MG Dynames were. Yes, even though this is a bit of a petty issue, but it is something that I would bring up because it may lead to some issues to those which is new to this line-up or to the hobby in general.

The Dynames’s waist unit is prolly one of the most interesting waist units that I’ve built to date.
Strangely enough I had an easier time working on the legs then I did with the arm unit
I admit when i completed this section, I did find myself admiring the looks for quite a bit before I moved on to finishing it up.


Well because Looking how stiff the joints were I worry that it would eventually lead to the MG Dynames’s joints breaking due to stress. I do urge those that are working on this kit to be really cautious when posing the MG Dynames and really take the time to ‘break’ the parts in first before you start posing the kit up. By doing this I hope that it would hopefully help you to better understand the limitations of the parts to prevent you from experience heartbreak.

Another thing that I was a bit annoyed with the MG Dynames, is the fact that this is just another MG kit that doesn’t have a properly designed inner frame. I know that most of you here don’t really care about it as much, but I do think that to be able to see the mechanical insides of our favorite MS is something that as integral to the MG building experience. It’s just a shame that for an excellent MG kit like this that they didn’t want to go that extra mile with this.

The lack of inner frame detail on this…..
and this is something that I was a bit disappointed by

Regardless of that said fact, I still do feel like the MG Dynames is an overall excellent kit. It’s an MG kit that I find it to be fun, challenging and despite some of my misgivings over the lack of inner frame, a good looking MG kit. It is the one MG kit of this year that I can highly recommend all of you here to get because I know that you guys would be able to find this to be an enjoyable experience as did I.

I would even go as far to say that, even though the kit had some things that I was a bit annoyed/ disappointed with but overall this might be one of the more modern MG kits that made me experience some of the same feelings that I get when I worked on the OYW MG kits for the first time.

For the first time in many years, that I feel like Bandai really cared in creating something awesome for the MG line-up. For the first time in many years, I’m again excited to see what Bandai has to offer with their newer MG line up.

But in the end, none of that grievances matter because this kit is freakking amazing overall.

I really hope that the next one on the review list would be as good as the MG Dynames.

With that ends the review for the MG 1/100 GN-002 Gundam Dynames (MG). What do you think of both the kit and the review for this MG kit? Do you share the same thoughts with us or do you think that this kit could’ve been better? I personally feel that this is a return to form for the MG line up, it really has been too long since I’ve built an MG kit that I was really happy with.

Which does help to create some hype for me as I get into the next 2019 MG kit, the Gundam NT-1 Ver.2.0.

May the MG Gundam NT-1 Ver.2.0 be as good as this

Anyways, we will be back again with more Let’s Talk Gunpla Segment on the next coming Wednesday and Friday. This coming Monday Kimi will be back again with either a review or an unboxing, So do look forward to that!

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Anyways, we shall see all of you again next week, and we hope that you all have an awesome week and weekend ahead! Have an awesome Gunpla building time there as well and until next time!


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